Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Videos 15-11... something is screwy with Blogger..

So i wrote out all of this and for some reason, the links are getting effed up. So here is a continuation.

15) Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Give It Away
Straight up fun with the Chilli's, it really is just that. FUN! I wish I was on the set for this as dancing around and making a fool of myself is good times. RHCP's have a great catalogue of videos, but this one takes it for me.

14) Radiohead- Just
Amazing concept that is a chilling statement to... whatever it is that is going in this guys head. God Help Us All!

13) Beck- Deadweight
Michel Gondry directs a video that meshes footage from A Life Less Ordinary and with the concept of the video to genius level.

12) Fatboy Slim- Praise You
HILARIOUS! Spike Jonez is on of the best video directors out there and this one is definitely only one of the best.

11) Herbie Hancock- Rockit
Post modernism at its best. A jazz man messing with a Vocoder and turntables PLUS random robots doing things to the music?! LOVE IT!

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