Sunday, July 16, 2006

Chez Geek, Sonic and Sell Fest

Those are the three words that I will always think of when I look back on this past Leo Retreat Weekend.

Retreekends are pretty much some of the best days of my life. The ultimate goal for Retreeking is slacking and enjoying the company of good friends. And this always happens everytime the sweet Lancaster air fills my lungs.

So Friday night, arrived at the Leo household and the first event of the night was a trip to Sonic. Yes. SONIC. THE SONIC. It's basically fast-food heaven (or hell if you are so inclined to see it's strange powers.) So you've seen the commercials for Sonic, so here is a brief description of what Sonic really is all about. First off, it has 168,874 (rough guess) different drink combos from Slushies, Sodas, Milkshakes, Smoothies and everything in between. Then there is a HUGE food menu. Breakfast is 24 hours. The people who work there are (sometimes) on roller blades. THe music playing is amazing. THe quality of food is way better than ANY fast food place I have ever been. Basically, its the best fast food place that has ever been created. They have drive through, outdoor seating with tons of stations to order AND drive in ordering a la American Graffiti. I will be in serious depression and withdrawl for the next few months until the next retreat weekend or until Jersey steps it up and makes a Sonic nearby. The scary thing about Sonic is it makes Sheetz look like... dick. Amazing.

So then there were other awesome things to be done like the mixes. I had Justin Leo and made a concept album I know he will love. It chronicles his journey to the west coast to persure his dream of film. It's about being seperated from family and friends, about how the West Coast sucks, its about his uplifting and optimistic view on the world and his general kind hearted nature that is second to none. I am proud of how it turned out.

We played ridiculous rounds of Apples to Apples. Here is the top 5 rounds with the winners.

5. Various Snakes on a Plane Sequel rounds: There were too many in this round to even remember which won and which were just balls to the wall exciting. The one I made that I enjoyed the best was "Gila Monsters on a Sock"

4. This _____ is a Pipe Bomb: So there is a band called This Bike is a Pipe Bomb. I thought it would be fun for someone to put in a card with what they thought would sound like a funny cover for a pipe bomb. Winner- These Car Bombs are Pipe Bombs.

3. Micro Brews- I also came up with an idea for naming a microbrew. Basically you had to give a noun card to name the Pale Ale. A great round all around with Tree Hugger Pale Ale taking the cake.

2. This round was what two notorious sleep talkers in the group would say if you were sleeping in between the two. One was Stev and the other was Ryan Carey. For Ryan, I put in Tyrannasaurus Rex and for Stev I put Wine Tasting. I won. It was too easy because Stev's one sleep rambling that started this round a few retreats back was "Mmm, I'll taste this." So it was a lock.

1. Beck Lyrics- Ok so I guess most of these are centered around me winning them or making them up, but I'll be honest, I had a shitty game overall, but owned some of the best rounds. So Curry, the cinderella story of the game winning shit loads of rounds, came up with the idea to take two of your noun cards and make it a Beck song lyric. I owned with Meat cleavers driving off a cliff.

Then there was Chez Geek. A really nerdy card game where the whole point is to out slack someone else. I'd love to get into the logistics of the game, but its too hard to describe. Regardless, I will be buying it and trying to get people to play more often.

All in all, the weekend was glorious. Basically, all it was was us selling hits (throat punches, hink faces and the like) and being around the good peoples. Leo never fails to host great getaways.


Anonymous said...

This is by far the most calculated attempt at slacking I've seen. I can't begin to understand the rules of what you just described. Really, you're a bunch of go-getters. I'm serious. You can't make this stuff up!!

Take care! Lib

Face of Spades said...



Meg said...

i need to find a sonic near me asap. i live about an hour or so from lancaster, but if that means a restaurant that makes me feel like i'm american graffiti...let's go.

spencer tracy is a film me.

i love the movie american graffiti.


jmcleoson said...


What a blast from the past. Today is June 15, 2008... almost 2 years after that monumental retreakend. I was looking up old stuff because I was trying to search my name Stev-style and I ran across your old blog posts. Now that I know a little more about rock, I'm even more impressed with your mix of my life. It's really just perfect.

What really cracked me up is that 2 years or so later, we're still making fun of "taste this." I totally forgot where it came from.

Good times.