Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The lists keep coming! But a pause before the next ones start up...

So as you noticed, I'm a nerd who loves to talk about the things he loves and list them. Well, yeah. When you are unemployable, bored, lonely and the only thing you do is do extensive research on Neil Young albums from the 80s all day, you tend to get opinionated, bored and need some sort of outlet to let your creative thoughts out. So yeah. That plus when you have no mon-ay and no social life anymore, you tend to need some extension to the outlet. Sadly, mine is now through the free digital playground known as blogger.

Enough of that, now on to what my next two lists will be. First is my Beck songs. This will be one post. Sadly, the list I used on my iPod that night got effed up not only for that night, but since then, I must say that some of it may be a tiny bit different than what was used for the Smash night. However, I will make sure the matc-ups stay the same for continuity sake (thanks to Secretery Danno for that) and my top 25 will be pretty much exactly the same. I think you will get some joy out of it if you are a hardcore Beck fan. Check out the b-sides that you might not have heard yet. They rule.

Then as some of you have noticed, I have been looking up great videos on youtube a lot lately and decided to do my top 10 music videos list. I will simply post the video for your viewing pleasure.

That is all. Leave comments on my #1 film as I'm sure some of you are intrigued that such a new film made it to my #1.

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