Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Friends

So the Leo Retreat is still only a few days past, but I miss the good times it always brings already. So here I decided to make a mix for every retreekender and will post the tracklistings here when I finish them. Some have yet to be handed out, but it was such a fun concept that I am doing it for all 8 of the other members. I will post the complete ones even though the people haven't gotten them yet. This is because I only have one blank disc left as of now and no money to invest in new blanks. So if you want an express copy, give me a blank and you will get yer mix back as fast as I can burn it.

Justin Leo

1. "I can't remember" (Pee Wee's Big Adventure)
2. Neil Young- Days That Used to Be
3. "Surprise Me" (Fight Club)
4. David Bowie- A New Career in a New Town
5. "Plan 9" (Plan 9 From Outer Space)
6. Led Zeppelin- Going to California
7. "What kind of people..." (In the Heat of the Night)
8. Death Cab For Cutie- "Why You'd Want to Live Here
9. "This town needs an enema!" (Batman)
10. King Crimson- Nuerotica11. "In charge" (Magnolia)
12. Rolling Stones- Happy
13. "Prepare to die" (Princess Bride)
14. Rush- Best I Can
15. "I'm the cooler" (Road House)
16. Phish- Stash
17. "A nice chianti" (Silence of the Lambs)
18. Warren Zevon- I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
19. "Calmer than you are" (Big Lebowski)
20. The Who- Relax21. "Truly" (Mullholland Drive)
22. Arcade Fire- My Mind is a Freeway
23. "A very attractive man..." (A Fish Called Wanda)
24. Electric Six- Taxi Nowhere
25. "Slaughtered" (Dr. Strangelove)
26. Radiohead- No Surprises
27. "God creates man..." (Jurassic Park)
28. Grand Funk Railroad- I'm Your Captain
29. "Say what again!" (Pulp Fiction)
30. Weird Al- Amish Paradise
31. "Optimisim" (Being There)
32. Deodato- Also Sprach Zarathustra
33. "Stuff in life" (Adaptation)
34. The Kinks- Cellulod Heroes"
35. "Has anyone seen Lowry?"/Kate Bush- Brazil

Mike Muller
Ok so I made him one and we listened to it on the way up, but I lost the track listing. So oh well.

Kev Ketner

1. Deep Purple- Lazy
2. Yo La Tengo- Barnaby, Hardly Working
3. Belle and Sebastian- Electronic Renaissance
4. Bryan Ferry- Don't Stop the Dance
5. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Happy When It Rains
6. XTC- Pink Thing
7. Built to Spill- I Would Hurt a Fly
8. Modest Mouse- Bury Me With It
9. David Bowie- Cactus
10. Cursive- Bloody Murderer
11. Priestess- I am the Night, Colour Me Black
12. The Clash- I'm So Bored with the U.S.A.
13. Mott the Hoople- Wrath and Roll
14. The Lemonheads- The Outdoor Type
15. Neil Young- Vampire Blues
16. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start- I Know You'll Find Out That I'm a Geek
17. The Dresden Dolls- Coin-Operated Boy
18. The Pixies- Number 13 Baby
19. Refused- Tannhauser/ Derive

Steve Lipenta

1. Simon and Garfunkel- Old Friends
2. Luna- Math Whiz
3. The Strokes- Barely Legal
4. Sonic Youth- Catholic Block
5. The Fever- Pink Paganz
6. Yo La Tengo- Night Falls on Hoboken
7. Rush- I Think I'm GOing Bald
8. The Who- Batman
9. The Rapture- Open Up Your Heart
10. Grandaddy- The Crystal Lake
11. XTC- Cynical Days
12. Stereophonics- You Stole My Money, Honey
13. Talking Heads- Radio Head
14. Pink Floyd- Paranoid Eyes
15. Radiohead- I Might Be Wrong
16. David Bowie- Always Crashing the Same Car
17. Body Count- Cop Killer
18. Coldplay- Don't Panic
19. Blur- Mellow Song
20. The Kinks- Destroyer

Ryan Carey

1. Primus- Space Farm
2. Mott The Hoople- Marionette
3. Pink Floyd- Fearless
4. Brian Eno- The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch
5. The Who- Doctor, Doctor
6. King Crimson- Epitaph
7. Stephen Malkmus- Jo Jo's Jacket
8. Donovan- Fat Angel (and no, im not being a dick... this is the song that the magic hat drink gets it from)
9. Stereo Agency- Mission Control
10. Matisyahu- Dispatch the Troops
11. The Velvet Underground- Oh Gin
12. Led Zeppelin- Dazed and Confused
13. David Bowie- Blackout
14. Neil Young- Mellow My Mind
15. Beck- Que Ondo Guero
16. Warren Zevon- Nighttime in the Switching Yard
17. Peter Gabriel- Down the Dolce Vita
18. Carl Cunningham- I Just Want You To Shut Up

Danno Somavilla

1. The Roots- Phrentrow
2. Beck- Bonus Beats
3. Refused- Refused are Fucking Dead (Remix)
4. John Cale- You Know More Than I Know
5. Fountains of Wayne- Hat and Feet
6. Neil Young- The Round Stones Beneath the Earth (Dead Man Soundtrack)
7. Air (Feat. Beck)- The Vagabond
8. Lou Reed- Gimme Some Good Times
9. Electric Six- Getting Into the Jam
10. Elton John- Son of Your Father
11. Reggie & The Full Effect- Dethnotronic
12. Gorillaz- Feel Good Inc.
13. King Crimson- Sleepless
14. Television- Guiding Light
15. David Bowie- God Knows I'm Good
16. The Who- However Much I Booze
17. Pavement- Transport is Arranged
18. Warren Zevon- Desperados Under the Eaves

Simon Burger

1. Refused- New Noise
2. The Flaming Lips- It Overtakes Me/ The Stars Are So Big, I am So Small... Do I Stand a Chance?
3. Wilco- I Must Be High
4. The Velvet Underground- Cool It Down
5. Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros- Get Down Moses
6. Adrian Belew- Men in Helicopters V4-0
7. Death Cab For Cutie- Debate Exposes Doubt
8. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Still Suspicion Holds You Tight
9. Bright Eyes- Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
10. Television- Prove It
11. King Crimson- Cadence and Cascade
12. Pink Floyd- Wot's... Uh The Deal
13. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks- No More Shoes
14. Luna- I Want Everything
15. Neil Young- Cortez the Killer
16. Peter Gabriel- Moribund the Burgermeister


Sara said...

You should probably get some blank cds. -nod-

By the way, can I have your address? It's not to be creepy, but you'll see. You know my email ;)

Steve said...

Paul Tsikitas
01. Noringo v Quarter Inch Fuse – Velocity/The Light Mash-Up
02. Nada Surf – Popular
03. Queen – Bicycle Race
04. Grandaddy – Crystal Lake
05. The Sounds – Rock N Roll
06. They Might Be Giants – Greek #3
07. The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love
08. Violent Femmes – Girl Trouble
09. Weezer – Why Bother?
10. Wilco – Jesus, Etc.
11. Badly Drawn Boy – Born Again
12. The Strokes – The Modern Age
13. XTC – Generals & Majors
14. The Who – The Dirty Jobs
15. Beck – No Money, No Honey
16. The Beatles – I’m Only Sleeping
17. Alice In Chains – Sickman
18. Led Zeppelin – Sick Again
19. The Cars – Moving In Stereo
20. Pavement – Cut Your Hair
21. The Capitol Years – Faces & Beer