Sunday, July 09, 2006

I don't know, Lloyd, the French are assholes.

World Cup was fun to watch. A very exciting game. I predicted Italy 2 France 1 in overtime. It looked like it might happen. Especially because Zidane went aliéné dans la membrane. Check this shit out.

How does a captain and star player of a World Cup team decide, "Hey... the game is almost over. Instead of trying to when, I think I will head butt this guy? That will be productive." Proof that, indeed, the French are not the brightest country in the world. I hope when Zidane returns to france they déchirez outre de ses boules et alimentez-les à sa mère.

Speaking of competition, as Norlen started the grand tradition and Stev emulated, Ryan Carey and I have started our own leisure activities decathalon. So here are the ten events with breakdowns of who won what (still in the process so check back for updates if you give a shit.)

1. Heads- Up Texas Hold-Em (Tsikitas)
This match up was fierce but short lived. I went up fast, Ryan broke me down, and than in a swift all in, I took out his growing stack and left him with a quarter. Ryan lasted about 3 more hands until it ended in a very uneventful final hand.

2. 500 Gin Rummy- So we each had our own views of what is probably the most leisurely activity you can get. Not over yet, but we started and I am up with 150 points and Ryan has 55.

3. Billiards.

4. Bowling

5. Beer Pong

6. Ping Pong

7. Risk

8. Monopoly

9. 8-bit Series (games to be decided)

10. Chip-N-Putt

Be sure to keep yourself updated!

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