Friday, July 14, 2006

I guess you could say I love the Who

September 12th, 2006.
Section 112.
Row 3.
The Who World Tour Kick-Off.
The Wachovia Center.

I'm fucking there, baby. Got my tickets as to what is easily one of the best birthday gifts. Don't worry, it's not my birthday for another month, but they went on pre-sale today so I asked for an early gift that comes late. It's sad since I know that only these two clowns on the right are left of what I believe is the greatest rock band of all time, but they have some great back-ups. Zach Starkey, who has toured with The Who the last two times I saw them, is the best person to fill in the void that was left when Moon died many moons ago?? Seriously though, Ringo's son is friggin great. On bass, I believe is Pino Palladino, who played with the band in a rush when The Ox moved on to rock and roll heaven a few years ago, is also back.

Now why should I be excited for a band with only two original members left and late in there career? Well, because they still have it. Yes they are old. But if anyone watched either the Concert for New York post 9/11 OR Live 8 in the past years, you could clearly see that Pete is still shredding with great ease and Daltrey can still wail out the songs with the same intensity. SO I am friggin stoked to go. I bought two tickets and have one extra that is for sale. I, of course, went for a decent priced ticket as I would like to get a good spot for my fav band in what could always be one of the last times I see them. If you are at all interested, comment and I will get an idea of who would be interested in seeing them.

Now, why do I think the Who is the best band of all time?

Well it's simple really. When it comes down to Rock and Roll, there are three things I look for.
First is the actual music. Then the lyrics. Then, yes, the band as performers.

So then there is the Who. First we got the music. Pete Townshend's guitar is great but when you listen to the songs, it is not the focal point. This is where the best rhythm section in rock music comes along. A strong, wave of sound comes from Moons drums and Entwistles underdog pounding bass work. These factors led to Pete's growth in a lead guitarist. His soloing in such shows as Woodstock and Live at the Isle of Wight are ridiculously awesome and frantic. His destruction of his guitars was a fury of insanity (but more on that later.) Pete could write not only amazingly catchy riffs, but amazing, heart-felt lyrics. Sometimes angry, sometimes heartbreaking, all the time amazing. The who as performers could either be highly entertaining and fun or a frantic array of destruction. These elements lead them to have many layers of greatness than even now I am still discovering.

Don't believe me that they still got it? Here is a clip from a recent webcast of Pete playing "A Quick One" on some webcam type tv-show of sorts. He loves the internet by the way.

Moving on from the exciting times to other exciting times.

Retreat Weekend starts today. There will be a sweet post about that at a later date.

Until than, keep rockin'.

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