Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Top Ten Videos

I figured out what was effing up blogger so here is the rest.

10) Pavement- Cut Your Hair
Okay so it was hard picking from the Pavement catalogue, but I love slacker life anthems. This is only one of the best Slacker videos ever made. The money shot is what made it make the list over others.

9) The White Stripes- The Hardest Button to Button
Yet another band with a huge list of awesome videos, this is the one that tops it. Great direction, excellent concept and a shit load of kick drums.

8) Beck- Loser
Now, HERE is the slacker mission statement. Filled with squigees, flaming guitars and strange athletic girls in graveyards.

7) Electric Six- Gay Bar
Two Words. Honest Abe.

6) Pearl Jam- Jeremy
Groundbreaking and dark as hell. Plus Vedders face is a yestival of scaryness.

5) Daft Punk- Around the World
So this is what I imagine is going on inside of a disco ball at all times. If you broke it open, these little creatures would still be doin' the dances. Gondry directs again in the best video that makes whats on the screen emulate the music. Also, it's perfect for the hypnotic song.

4) Radiohead- Paranoid Android
So I used to catch this ALL THE TIME on MTV. Lucky for me. This was probably one of the last videos that were played regularly during the day before dating (no offense, Next!) shows and crappy videos came along.

3) Beastie Boys- Sabatoge
YES! but no because its not online. Well, its such a friggin hilarious video that when it came out, we would play Sabatoge video in the school yard (I always made sure I was Cochise.) Friggin fun and great for the song and the band who has a great catalogue of videos.

2) Foo Fighters- Everlong
Best song of the 90s and one of the best videos ever made, Gondry again helms this brilliant peice that came from his nightmares. SO GOOD!

1) Nine Inch Nails- Closer
So this video is fucked up. But hey, it's Fincher and it's Reznor. You don't get much better than that now, do ya? One of the best artistic videos ever, its not effed up just to be effed up. It's effed up and awesome to watch as its visuals surpass all music videos to date. Leave it to two geniuses to top this medium.

So I have some runners up. Weezer gets runners up for Sweater Song and Buddy Holly. I love em. Surprisingly, Genesis' Land of Confusion gets some nods for having great puppets. Lastly, Malkmus' video for Jo Jos Jacket as it is RIDIC! Check out Bogarts Blog for that one.

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Sara said...

Mmmm Closer is #1. That's some serious foolin around music. ;)