Sunday, July 09, 2006

I have a funny feeling they have plastic in the after life

So you saw that Beck list and the raucous Beck Till You Smash night and all that good stuff. Well, things will be drastically changing as I have found so many new great Beck songs. It's sick how much recorded music he has and I'm glad that I can find them scattered across the interweb.

In other news, I have finally landed a second job interview with the Evening Bulletin. The first one went really well. The people I interviewed with seemed really nice and it seems like a job environment I can live with. It's located on 15th and Walnut which means I can easily take Mr. PATCO if I get the job. It also means beastly hours and excellent location for post work shenanigans. However, I would be working till well into the night. I don't mind since I stay up late anyway, but long days will get to me. The thing with the location is that it's right near McGillans (sp?) Pub which was so much fun when I went there with my Brog class. So keep me in your thoughts as I need a job and this one is somewhat inticing. Copy editing and poss book reviews/entertainment and culture writing. Not sure yet, but thats part of the job description.

Here is the reason why I need SUUURGE back in my life.

Ahh yes, Feed the Rush. The good ol' days.

Speaking of that, I went to my buddy Volkwine's birthday party and that was a blast from the past extravaganza. I miss that fucker dearly as I never see him since he lives down in MD. I got to see my buddies from SJS (just Laranko, but he's always good times), the Foster clan, and some CCHSers (Kat and Drew.) Not too eventful besides reminiscing, drinking some Yueng and relaxing. It was a gorgeous night and was highly enjoyable. Kathleen leaves tomorrow for Minnesota so it was nice to see her before she leaves. I may just have to trek out there and visit.

World Cup is today. I need to get out and watch it somewhere. Probably PJ's, but I need to hear back from Dr. Carey.

Leo Retreat is just a few days away. I can't friggin wait. But before that, is Electric Six. And here is the thing. This E6 show will probably be the most fun and best of them so far. It'll be 3 in a row which is sweet, its at the Khyber which will be a sweaty man mess, I'm taking PATCO which means Belidge central AND the cast of characters showing up for this poses to be the best conglomeration of people in my life ever. So here is the rundown of people who are def coming and are very possible.
Leo, Danno, Ryan, Stev, Kevner, Norlen, Klinger, Ben, Muller, Giles, Drust, Ealer, Sarah Deal, Tara Fleck and more that I'm sure I'm forgetting. This poses to be sick.
That being said, if you are interested in a great time, GO TO THE KHYBER ON WEDNESDAY AND DO NOT MISS ELECTRIC SIX! I implore you! It will be awesome.

As for Retreekend, I'm not sure if I'm driving or if Muller is (I gotta talk to him about that.) It shall be a fun time as I haven't seen Leo in many months and any occasion in Lancaster has been a good one. Thankfully, I hit up the Penny Arcade yesterday at Commerce and have some sweet spending cash that I must horde some away so I don't spend it. Lord knows I will need as much money as I can get to spend on SONIC!, thrifting, Schmonsters (vith Hildigarde in Dooseldorf) and vinyl. However, I won't really be spending money at the stores this time unless I find a few clutch recordings or flannel shirts.

Another fun fact from last night, whilst talking to Kathleen, we chatted a bit about politics and financing and adult stuff. She read in a book a great idea on how to have sweet spending cash saved up. As most people know, when you have money, it is usually 20's and 1's. So whenever you get a 10 or a 5, put it in a box or save it somewhere. Don't spend the 5ers and 10's and at the end of the month, that shite will add up. It looks like I have a new way of saving some cash. Get rid of 20s and 1s, save the rest. I like it and lord knows any extra money will help.

So thats about it. A normal post for once.

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