Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We owe it all to Jupiter

So 2006 is pretty much halfway over. All I can say is 'is it over yet?' Lord I wish it was. So this has been officially the shitiest year of my small, unimportant exsistence on this rare planet we call Earth. I've been reading a lot of philosophy and scientific shit recently with my head being in the gutter for 97.345% of this year. So here are my small theories on why although this year has sucked and is shitty, that it doesn't matter.

1. Our existence is sheer luck.

Ok, so what are you thinking right now me saying this? Well, since I have nothing else better to do, I did some wikipedia perusing of articles that aren't credible, but for the most part correct. Ryan Carey had an away message about Io, the moon surrounding Jupiter, today and I remembered back to my innocent days in 1994 when I was obsessed with space and the universe and saw the Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet slam into Jupiter at the good ol' Phel's Planitarium. For some reason, I wanted to relive my past. As a young kid, I was awstruck at the beauty and the awesomeness of a giant broken apart comet slaming into the mass of gas. When I looked up this, I also found articles about Jupiter and one called the 'Rare Earth Hypothesis'. Although this hypothesis is unbalanced and not proven (nor could it ever be) it makes sense and makes me rethink my existence. How are we so lucky to be around? The fact that no life anywhere else is around in the solar system, the galaxy and for all intents and purposes the universe, why are we here? This made me appreciate things like art, music, comodities, technology, culture and language much more. It's pretty amazing to think that there is a great chance we are the only things out here in a vast wasteland of chaos. And we owe it all to Jupiter. I think that might start off one of my script ideas.

2. Blah.

So feeling blah is pretty much the only emotion I have goin on right now. And here is a rundown from Jan-July that proves to you that my year has SUCKED. I am sure to leave out a shit load of things that are personal that shouldn't be posted, so it will seem vague. If you want details, you sick fucks, then feel free to ask me.
a) Love is dead to me. b) The female species is more complex than I thought (I blame Jupiter for this one.) c) I had a great internship oppurtunity that was destroyed because of e) mono. I don't know who I got that shit from, but it makes me dislike you much more. f) Whenever I become interested in someone, I get C-blocked by the powers at be, good friends, the earth itself (also blame Jupiter) and MONO! g) I was looking forward to grauation more than anyone I know. And now that the world is in front of my face, I get shit luck magee. I had great interviews with a few places. Two failed, one felt great until I was told that the Evening Bulletin is folding. WHAT THE FUCK!

So these are the first two parts of a series I am starting. As I am bored, unemployed and a slacker, I have picked up my old Philosophy text book and have started looking at some of those good ol texts and am going to make my analysis of life, its meaning (or lack thereof... I forget, is that one word or two?) and rant about life. I started with some science and will move to some thinking mans texts. First, starting with Kierkegaard The Sickness Unto Death and Hobbes' Leviathan. Until then, thank Jupiter for the world we live in.

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