Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In the meantime...

So I'm still reading some labor shit. Marx is good stuff, but I have to develop my ideas more. So as the title states, here is some stuff to get into and think about:


1) that dog.- So most of you know I am madly in love with Juliana Hatfield. And femme rock of the 90s is quite addictive. So when I found out about two of the Haden sisters and Anna Waronker were in a band together called that dog., I new I had to inquire within. And that dog. is amazing. Yes it is lower case and with a period. Anyway, pretty standard for your various American female alt 90s rock groups. Much like Veruca Salt or my precious Juliana. Where they stand apart is the fact that they have the most excellent harmonies in their songs. Great hooks, fun lyrics and amazing violin/harmonies care of Petra Haden, they are 100% solid if you love 90s rock as much as I do.

Addictive Track: "Never Say Never" off of Retreat from the Sun (1997)

2. Final Fantasy- Named after the fabled video game, the solo project of the Arcade Fire's violin player, Owen Pallett. His songs are mostly centered around his beautiful arangements on the violen. His voice echoes Nick Drake in many ways with its soft mystique and his arrangements are the best I've heard. Beautiful, serene and contemplative music. There isn't much to add to that. His stuff isn't really highly produced as the backing drums or synth aren't that great, but thats not the focal point.

Addictive Track: "The Story of Win and Regine" off of Has A Good Home (2005)*

*Fun fact, this song is named after the two principle members of Arcade Fire.

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