Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Our treasure is where the beehives of our knowledge stand."

Nietzsche is one of those philosophers who not only has a sweet mustache, but has some great words of wisdom. And this post is about that exactly:

10. The Pursuit of Knowledge

The old cliche "you learn something new everyday" is what I'm getting at. We think that someday we will define ourselves. Wether its by knowing who we are, by what we do or what we will ultimately become, we are constantly in the pursuit of finding ourselves. And through "knowing" we find this. He quotes the Bible in his text "On the Genealogy of Morality." I think it's a great way to think about our lives:

"...where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."
Matthew, 6:21

We are constantly striving to do the things we want. And when we find what we want, we put our heart and soul into it. At least, that is the idealistic way of looking at it. But seriously, we strive to know more about the world, ourselves and what exactly it's all about.

"We remain of necessity strangers to ourselves, we do not understand ourselves, we must mistake ourselves, for us the maxim reads to all eternity: 'each is furthest from himself,'- with respect to ourselves we are not 'knowers'..."

To some extent, this is true. We will never fully know ourselves. Everyday things change. We don't ever fully understand the value of our daily actions and it seems that we like to think other forces are acting on us to bring out hate and love. As Epictetus said, some things are in our control and some things are not. But what do we truly know about the things that we do have control over?

"Rather, with the necessity with which a tree bears fruit our thoughts grow out of us, our values, our yes's and no's and if's and whether's- the whole lot related and connected among themselves, witnesses to one will, one health, one earthly kingdom, one sun."

We must realize what we do is our own. And in this, I can see my problems. I know I am insecure about myself. To some extent, it's all in my head. I feel insignificant, meaningless and a failure sometimes. I never thought that leaving the world of education that was my home since I was in pre-school would open such a huge void in my own self-esteem. But in saying that, I realize that isn't what it is. I feel empty, but going back to the top of this post, we are constantly learning new things about the world, others and mostly, ourselves. And it is in our treasure where we will find our heart. If our treasure is something far off, we are going to be constantly working for it. And that is hard. But it is that pursuit that should keep us milling about.

I am working on a script currently called "Lack of Expectation." It's been in the works for almost an entire year. It is the perspective of college life coming to a close. But I think I am going to just shut up and make it a full-length film. A two year story about the final days of schooling and the year to follow. In this, I call to arms my buddies who have been out of school longer than me to tell me what there last year was like. I know what its like, but its only been a few months. So things can change. I am going to beef up the story and opt to make it much more narrative than what it is now. However, those philosophical ideals and funny moments that come with things ending.

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