Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Snakes on a Dream

Last night I had a dream about Snakes on a Plane. Not about the movie, but I was on a plane where this happened. It wasn't a nightmare. It was a laugh riot and I loved it. I think this is a good omen that the actual Snakes is gonna rule. So here is the deal.

I am on a plane with good ol' Muller. And this ain't your average plane, it's GIGANTIC. I'm talking it's more like the inside of a house as there were various rooms, stairwells and such. Anyway, I'm sitting in my aisle when none other than Sam Jackson starts freaking out about snakes. However, not only are there snakes, there is a ton of water filling up inside of the plane. So Muller and Myslef join the ranks of Sam Jacks and some other brave passengers to try and fight the snakes. Sam Jackson dies early on of a giant snake biting his face. Muller and myself then take over the effort to kill the snakes and get to safety. Somewhere in all of this, the passengers started a strange cult with torches and clothes from The Village. They became strange worshipers of the snakes which quickly turned into a mass death by venom. Muller and myself end up being the only two surviving members of the plane and the plane is slowly crashing. Muller is fighting his way through snakes to find parachutes while I try to see if I can crash land the thing. Muller returns to the cockpit and helps me land the plane in a very bumpy and firey landing. We get out and somehow landed in a strange mash-up of a South Jersey farm and Roosevelt Blvd. And for some reason, the Foster family is on the farm and Jess Foster comes out to see if we are ok. We are and somehow the snakes are all dead. We then start walking along the Blvd which for some reason connected to 130. I called my parents to pick us up along the way. In the meantime, Muller and myself kick the shit out of some local kids playing basketball and then I wake up.

WTF is wrong with me.


Steve said...

It's like a cross between S.O.A.P. and The Wickerman...I liked it.

Dom said...

DUDE! Awesome! The best part is when the Fosters are where you crash land!