Thursday, August 17, 2006


Life update.

I finally have work. I'm temping at some shitty company that I don't feel like talking about. It's sales. It sucks, but it will be paying a nice 10 bucks an hour for full time. Somehow I also scored some sweet hours. Noon to 9pm Mon-Fri. Interesting I know. It's in Thorofare. Whatever. I'm still going to apply to shit loads of real places so I can save better money and move out.

I'm turning 23 in due time. Ouch. Strange enough, I feel older for once. Its probably because I am out of school, but I can definitely start to see the age gap between myself and some of my younger friends. Things about maturity and such are definitly visible. Ugh. "I hope I die before I get old."

The Sexional is slowly approaching the end. Which means HUGE FUCKING PARTY. Here is a picture that shows the amount of joy that will be shared at this party. Be there. August 25th.

I'm proud of that place. Look at the joy on the faces and the arms in the air during Baba O'Riley (aka the greatest party song ever.) I will miss that place more than you could ever know. I've missed it since moving out, but even more now on the eve of its demise.

Tonight was amazing. A bajillion thanks to Mr. Rocks for calling me asking me to come to the Foo Fighters Acoustic show. I told him I'm broke and he was just glad to get someone to take the ticket. Anyway, it ended up being the most amazing show I have ever seen. And here is why. First off, The Foo's are great songwriters and some of their best songs are easily convereted, if not enhanced in this acoustic atmposphere (ie- "Times Like These" and "My Hero" were probably better acoustic. Yes... even My Hero.)Then on stage I saw the one and only Pat Smear. Those who dont know him, he was in the band during Colour and the Shape. Then there was this cute, very small girl playing violin. And I thought it just might be someone special. Then I hear Grohl turn away from the mic and say her first name and I almost flip until she gets fully introduced. None other than Petra Haden, folks. Now, some of you may not be privy to the Petra. But thanks to Kevner and the whole Petra Haden Sells Out disc and The Rentals and That Dog, she got to add her skills to the Foos on both Violin and Mandolin. Then she did some sweet backing vocals on a little song called "Marigold." Yes. That song. Fucking Nirvana! THEN she sang lead vocals on "Floaty" and tore the house down. I was almost diven to tears. Amazing. Grohl was in regular foul mouther hilarious fashion as usual. He traded a Budwiser bottle for someones Draught beer and after he drank a sip of it, he said "What the hell is it?" They said "Miller Lite" and he gave it back! Amazing. He also made fun of Yuengling's name. But he said he liked it. Here were the highlight songs. Minus those already mentioned: "See You", "Big Me", "Razor", "Miracle", "February Stars", "Next Year" and of course "Everlong." "Floaty" was by far the standout as also was "My Hero."

Also, I forgot to mention that Frank Black opened which was awesome and somewhat awkward. He played about 10 songs with no break and never introduced himself or said anything in between songs. Just played great songs and left the stage. "Where is My Mind?" acoustic ruled my face as did a song that had this amazing lyrics called "I'm not Dead (I'm In Pittsburgh)"

Tomorrow is Snakes. Sweet Jesus.

Friday is birthday on the town. Come join if you want food and bev at The Bards downtown.

Saturday is DC with the sisters for Birthday fun and Aireoke. I might do a Priestess song for it, but if not, any Who track will do.

Until tomorrow, I will be doing some research for another more meaningful post.

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