Saturday, August 26, 2006

And yet another void opens in my life

fIt's officially over.

The Sexional is done.

No more couch, no more parties.


HOWEVER! It didn't end without a fight. And here are the epic details of what I am coining as the best party I've been to at the Sextional since Tank Tops 1.

So it was originally gonna be an Earn Your Blue Ribbon party. But we couldn't get kegs of Pabst. And the tape wasnt working because of the humidity. Blah. So the first hour of the party, I was in a crummy mood. However, once more people showed up and the music kicked in, it felt like your averave Sextional party. In many ways it was pretty mediocre. A lot of people didn't show up, we got 2 kegs so that was a concern and it was HOT inside and the Balcony was crowded. I got ine the groove around 11. With a big help from "Sex Machine" by Mr. James Brown. The pong was being played, the dancing was getting done and I was sweating like a friggin dog. I did the smart move and started chugging lots of water. At midnight, the usual routine would have been some Vultures. George kinda shocked me with his noia about Cops coming and being too loud, so we moved the obligitory "Baba O'Riley" to the foreground of Vultures. It wasn't as glorious as times past, but its still the highlight of the night in many ways. So Vultures kicks into high gear and I hear rumblings outside. The whole night, the clouds were coming in and lightning was off in the distance. Then, as if GOD himself knew that ending the establishment that is the sextional was a bad idea, he let it all loose. The heavens opened and it rained like in the times of Noah. I hit the balcony to cool off with a huge rush of rain. Then I came back in and people started freaking on the balcony. I got concerned. But then someone said "HAIL!" And I was freaking out. IT HAILED! The final night, the heavnes opened up and threw ice balls at our faces to get us to stop partying. This led me to get everoyne off the balcony and give George the Mic. Well, not the mic, but you know what I mean. He then gave the final Sexional speech ever. It was great. I almost cried, but everyone was inside cheering and enjoying life to the fullest.

And it's things like that that make me think that although I'm not happy at where I am at right now, things are looking up. The sexional is probably the 2nd most important thing in my life (first being Noringo.) People who were there can attest to the true beauty of that night. I had people who had never been there before come to me and say "This is the last party? I can't believe I didn't come here sooner." There are no seperations at the sexional (for the most part.) Everyone enjoys each other, everyone enjoys themselves and life feels good.

So I now have no band, no relationship and no sexional. I am going to need some consoling.

I leave you with these words.

"The Fates"

They watch me, those informers to the Fates
Called Fortune, Chance, Necessity, and Death;
Time, in disguise as one who serves and waits,
Eternity as girls of fragrant breath.
I know them. Men and Boys are in their pay,
And those I hold my truest friends may prove
Agents of Theirs to take me if I stray
From fatal ordinance. If I move, they move—

Escape? There is one unwatched way; your eyes.
O Beauty! Keep me good that secret gate!
And when the cordon tightens of the spies,
Let the close iris of your eyes grow great.
So I’ll evade the vice and rack of age
And miss the march of lifetime, stage by stage.
~Wilfred Owen

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