Monday, September 11, 2006

You're So Novel

So remember back when I was all about Brave New World? This was the idea the book gave me. I am going to make amix where each song is representitive of a novel that I love. So here tis.

You're So Novel
1. The Beach Boys- Don't Go Near the Water {Cat's Cradle}
2. The Zombies- Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914) {Regeneration}
3. Neil Young- Sample and Hold {Brave New World}
4. Stephen Malkmus- The Hook {Treasure Island}
5. XTC- Dear Madam Barnum {Straight Man}
6. New Order- Blue Monday {Breakfast of Champions}
7. The Jesus and Mary Chain- My Little underground {Notes from the Underground}
8. Electric Six- Jimmy Carter {Naked Came the Manatee}
9. XTC- Books Are Burning {Farenheit 451}
10. Bing Crosby- White Christmas {Mother Night}
11. Pink Floyd- Pigs (Three Different Ones) {Animal Farm}
12. Bob Dylan- "Idiot Wind" {Confederacy of Dunces}
13. Cream- Politician {In the Lake of the Woods}
14. The Stranglers- It's a Small World {Jitterbug Perfume}
15. David Bowie- Big Brother{1984}
16. Elvis Costello- Less Than Zero {Less Than Zero} (I was originally going to use a different Elvis song, but this is the song the books title actual derives from, so I went with the cop out choice.)


j. leo said...

White Christmas and Mother Night???

that's a little too good of a match...

Steve said...

Very excellent sir...this is making me want to check out the books here that I've not yet read.

Paul Tsikitas said...

It was really the only way to fly for Mother Night.

And have you seen the movie with Nolte as Campbell?

j. leo said...

I have it. It's a real downer, more than most other Vonnegut. The fact that the boss from Fight Club plays a nazi is pretty cool.

And you can't go wrong with Arkin.

Paul Tsikitas said...

Yeah. The book is an amazing story. I think it may be my fav (besides Slaughterhouse 5). Such an amazing story. I really need to check out the film version. I might check out the awesome video store that opened in Collingswood (which my sister said is the same one near her and has excellent selection.) So they might have that.

If not, it's Netflix time again!