Sunday, September 24, 2006

Girls like you make guys like me make love to a computer

Minus losing Dom to breaking rules of the club (yea, he got kicked out... sad times), E6 in DC was amazingly glorious. Here were my predictions for the show. Highlighted are the ones played.

Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)
She's White
Devil Nights
I Buy The Drugs
Infected Girls
Danger! High Voltage
Improper Dancing
Dance Epidemic
Rubber Rocket
Night Vision
Gay Bar
Rock and Roll Evacuation
Slices of You
Pulling the Plug on the Party
Future is in the Future
I Am Detroit
Nuclear War (On the Dance Floor)
Future Boys
The Band in Hell
Dance Commander

The new songs they played, including Germans in Mexico, opening the night with There's Something Very Wrong With Us So Let's Go Out Tonight, Mr. Woman (a million times better live) sounded great. From older albums, I pretty much nailed all of them on this set list minus the great treat of Be My Dark Angel.

And, oh yeah.

This song:


It was great.

So for my 4th time around, it was just as good as the first time. Mainly because the new songs were really fun live and The Black Cat is an awesome venue.

Also, check out the band The Blue Van. They were brilliant.


j. leo said...


Now I'm extra excited to se them next month. What will Dickie V. do when he's in legendary San Francisco? Perhaps we'll get the most inspired performance of Gay Bar ever.

By the way, that Chewy guy finally updated his blog. This one pic of a guy doign the hink is priceless. And tehre's even some political commentary! Fun!

(and how the fuck does Dom get kicked out of a club? he seems so casual..)

Dom said...

You should've seen the epic word-battle I had with the bouncer guy. "One for the annals," as I would later recount to Steve.