Tuesday, September 05, 2006

O brave new world, that has such people in't!

So some of you know this, but my job is in the slowest of the slow seasons. It will be about a month before thigns pick up and right now, at 7:30, with an hour and a half to go, it's me, the supervisor and one other temp left. No calls since around 5. GAAAAAAAAAH!

Moving on, I will be reading a LOT these weeks, so some book reviews will be going up. I'm not currently done, but Brave New World (which I read about half of today so far) is amazing. I am a sucker for satire, but this along with 1984 are among the kind of books that get better each passing day. Something about Huxley and Orwell that blow my mind is the fact that they wrote about the kind of things that were going on in their era, but are actually (with technological advancement) are also going on NOW. BNW is a little different than 1984 in it's view of society, but it hits upon many topics and taboos that happen now. The one thing that strikes me is the fact that since people are produced in this novel, the thought of family, and more specifically having a mother is laughed at and considered vulgar. Did Huxley know that the family is slowly spiraling into oblivion with the divorce rate growing ever larger? Did he know about the sexual and drug revolutions in the late 60s and 70s? Did he know about test tube babies, cloning and all that jazz that are issues of the modern world? This was all in the early 30s! His first edition was in 1932!

It's all to strange for me to read this, but this novel fits in with what I have been reading in philosophy texts in past posts. So I think that this is going to have to be the next point.

11. Technology as End of Society
Many of Huxley's ideas in Brave New World were sued in some films recently about technology taking over. Specifically, the idea of hypnop├Ždia in the film The Matrix. Sleep learning, which seems more like conditioning through hypnotizing is a scary subject. Although the modern "New World" in the novel is pretty much a utopia, there is the void of family, art, literature and solitude that makes our moden society worth it. I have blogged before about artistry and it's importance in my life. I can't imagine a soceity where humans are produced to be certain classes and are hedonistic and drug users in order to be happy as a utopia. But what of this is actually science fiction? I see that most of what Huxley writes about has come true. Drugs, sex and money are all thigns that humanity takes as "happiness" and we forget how important family, rituals and art really are. Before I continue, I must finish this book, however, to see what comes of it all. But for the time being, think about these ideas or pick up Brave New World and check it out. It's going into the Top 5 unless it ends crappily and is triggering a new mix idea which will be unveiled in a later blog.


j. leo said...

Y'know, as I was explaining Brazil to my sweet lady, and thinking abotu that and 1984... I mean, isn't it even more appropriate today? Watching that for the first time in post-911 society was mesmerizing. It's even more apt today than it was 20 years ago. Or 80, for the book. Frightening. Brave New World is a little more extreme in some ways, but still... Daily Show pointed out some doublespeak from the govt. last week... it was exactly as Big Brother did it...

sorry, I'm rambling

Paul Tsikitas said...

NO no no. Rambling + Open Forums = Philosophy. I insist. I don't think Brave New World is any more extreme than 1984. It is pretty ridiculous how ahead of its time it is. I think in another 40 years, Brave New World will be even more pertinent than 1984. It's crazy all the things Huxley says.

I love Satire for this reason. Just like Strangelove gets better every passing year, it makes so much sense.

Dom said...

Still have to read that book... Damn... YO. I don't know if you noticed, but I re-posted about a week ago on your "work" entry. PEACE.

Paul Tsikitas said...

Oh yes, I saw that Dom. You make some better points on that last observation.

And yes, Brave New World is AMAZING. Definitely check it out ASAP. I'm on the last 20 pages and I have over an hour left at work. So it's gonna be done soon.

This post will have more added to it probably in a second post so it doesn't get lost in the discussion shuffle.