Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Secret Machines Fantasy Set

So I haven't blogged about anything of substance, but that is because I am busy at my new job and shite. The thing that makes me love life are the concerts I got lined up. So here is yet another fantasy set-list (with two more to come shortly.) This one is a little shorter in length because I know they will jam out most of these songs. Also, it might be longer than the actual set, but these are the songs I want to hear the most. Without further ado, here is my fantasy Secret Machines set list. When I finish the Orwell Essays I'm reading, I will post something worth reading.

~Main Set~

Light's On
Alone, Jealous and Stoned
Daddy's in the Doldrums
Pharaoh's Daughter
Sad and Lonely
Faded Lines
I Hate Pretending
It's a Bad Wind That Don't Blow Somebody Some Good
Lightning Blue Eyes
Road Lead's Where It's Led


First Wave Intact
1,000 Seconds
You Are Chains

Built to Spill and Primus to come.

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