Monday, September 18, 2006

E6 Fantasy Draft

Electric Six. The 4th time in 365 days. Here are my picks for this Saturday's concert at the Black Cat in Washington, D.C. I will come back to this post after the show and highlight the ones played and add the ones not played as I did with the Who show. And in fact, I will be doing this for all upcoming concert events (Built to Spill, Secret Machines, Lemonheads and more to come including Primus?!) Also, this time I will split it up with main set and encore. I know last time it was the Khyber and they didn't really do an encore, but I don't know the Black Cat set up. So this is how I want it to go.

Main Set:

Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)
She's White
Devil Nights
I Buy The Drugs
Infected Girls
Danger! High Voltage
Improper Dancing
Dance Epidemic
Rubber Rocket
Night Vision
Gay Bar
Rock and Roll Evacuation
Slices of You
Pulling the Plug on the Party
Future is in the Future
I Am Detroit


Nuclear War (On the Dance Floor)
Future Boys
The Band in Hell
Dance Commander

This surprisingly a short set, only over an hour. But these are the songs I am banking on hearing. If for some strange cosmic reason Jimmy Carter is played, I'll let you know.


Meg said...

i'm trying to keep my chin up. it's just very difficult. and what's worse is that i have 2 years left, effectively. i'm only just a junior. sigh.

j. leo said...


I will be seeing E6 for the third time this year in lovely San Francisco next month.

ANd I just managed to score Who tix in LA at a show I thought had been sold out for a while. Me and my lady are super pumped for both of these. You still thought they are worth it, right?

Paul Tsikitas said...

The Who was great. Be ready for a lot of new material though. They played a lot of great hits and such, but be ready for new stuff. Some people got restless in the crowd, but the new songs were pretty great. New album on October 30th.


And did you get Switzerland yet?

j. leo said...

No, now that I have a new comp, I think you guys can send it to me directly.