Friday, September 08, 2006

"Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

12. Beer

Yes. I am putting this old adage of Beer as my 12th point because, I love beer. And beer is living proof that there is a God. If Ben Franklin said it, I believe it. So why talk about beer? Well, this is more of a forum for me to make another list of my all time favorite beers (a top 15 if you will) and explain some of the moments behind why I love them, how they came to be my favorites and show you that even though alcohol can lead to bad things, if used for the intended purpose, it is a great gift from the powers above. I think a lot of these will be Sam Adams flavors because it is, what I will now say, my favorite line of beer.

15. Iron City Lager- Basically on here for nostalgic purposes, Iron City is the beer of the Steelers. It reminds me of last years amazing Super Bowl game and the good times we had whilst downing the many many cans we indulged in. It really isn't the greatest beer I've ever had and it gets a little more credit than it might deserve, but then again, does it? I love it. I drank a ton of it in celebration and felt great. Some beers like that can do a number on you. Yuengling, although superior, is a little bit heavier than good ol IC. I don't care what Dave Sullivan may say, but Iron City RULES!

14. Yards' Love Stout- Of all the stout's i've had in my day, some are almost impossible to compare to the good ol Philadelphia brewed Yard's Love Stout. It has a special taste to it that is somewhat indescribable, but the quaffability factor is where it kicks into full effect. My first Yard's Love Stout was actually stolen from me by one Lou Perseghin. The Foodery was a haven of greatness that, thanks to Anthony Chwastyk, lead to me finding a lot of these here beers. Love Stout was an obvious choice because Yard's is one of my all time favorite line of beers. And after taking the initial sip of my tembered Stout, I knew that I wouldn't give it up ever again in fear of missing out on the simple pleasures of life. And being the romantic I am and my fervent love for the city of Philadelphia, there is no better stout from the USA to stand up to this one.

13. Rolling Rock- The good ol Stallions. The mysterious "33". The ridiculous amounts drank during The Deer Hunter. It was a PA brew from good ol Latrobe, but now is moving to stanky New Jersey. The thing about Rolling Rock that makes it so good is the crystalline watery flavor you get. You can taste the mounain air inside that beer! It's nothing fancy, but it will be in my heart forever as the beer that washed down my wings on Quizzo nights and the beer of Wow Video choice. But when the move comes, the bottle changes, we will see if it was really just the mystique of Latrobe that was doing it or if the beer is actually where its at.

12. Magic Hat's Blind Faith- This will be the only Magic Hat to make the list. I like their beers, but there really isn't all that much variety. When it comes down to hit, they have a few IPA's, a lager that is being discontinued, #9 which is too fruity and gives me heartburn, and a Heifweizzen that doesn't really do it for me. However, Blind Faith is definitely a beer I can stand behind. It's crispy. It's tasty. And for an IPA, it has a quaff factor that skyrockets above the rest. I don't know what it is about Magic Hat, but I can't fully dive into it like Dr. Carey. I guess beer tastes can vary more than one would think.

11. Sam Adams Winter Ale- Surprisingly coming in near the tale end of the list, but when Sam Adams has a crap load of beers to choose from, it's easy to see that some will definitely take the one-up on the others. I think 3 more SA beers will make it on this list. Anyway, Mr. Adams brewed the winter season into a bottle with sheer perfection. With cinnimon and ginger added to the malts, you are braced for a night of caroling, throwing snowballs and enjoying pure taste and flavor. This was my beer for last winter, which was a lonely one. But Sam was my friend.

10. Duchess de Bourgogne- After trying the delish, yet ruthless to the bowels Flemish Sour Ale, I knew there was a belgian flavor of untapped goodness that awaited me. So I went to Bethlehem and Danno purchesed for me the tasty and beautifully dark Duchess. She was good to me. Her flavors were much like Monk's Flemish ale and it didn't upset my stomach. It was smooth and quaffable to the max. My GOD! Danno knows where it's at. Beer has never tasted, so good.

9. Sam Adams Scotch Ale- Sneaking into the top ten, after having a ton of Brewmasters mix packs, my favorite in those (minus the #8 beer) is by far Scotch Ale. I love me some Scotch, but when it comes to beer, not many can capture the warm, smokey, high class feeling that a glass of Dewars and Water can do. Well, here it is. Scotch Ale brings in the malts that are used for makign Scotch and are added to beer to give it that manly stoking the fire flavor that Scotch brings to the table. It goes down nice, doesn't taste bad at all and is great for these fall and winter nights that are slowly approaching. Plus, ya gotta love the plaid label!

8. Sam Adams Black Lager- Oh Black lager, keep on flowing, Sam Adams brew won't you keep on shining on me! Sorry. I seem to be in a weird Doobie Brothers mood these days. Anyway, this was my introduction to being able to drink mass quantities of a heavy beer. Black Lager is basically a Pop Shop milkshake. Thick and tasty with a hint of Chocolate and Caramel?!?! What more can a beer lover and sweet tooth as for! YES! I think only Drust shares in my pure love of the dark lager. Looks like a stout, drinks like a milkshake, name like a lager.

7. Guiness- Oooooo not in the top 5! Oh Snap! I may be irish, but Guiness isn't cutting the top 5. That's not to say it isn't in great company right here! It's sandwiched in between two of my favorite standards whence going to the beer store. Guiness is known for its quaffability, its smooth, natural feel and it's beautious head. It would be higher if I didn't discover something like it that leaves me feeling less full afterwards. And you will see my treachery to my Irish brethren, but alas, I must move on from the frivolity that is being obsessed with Guiness. But that doesn't mean I won't down a Black and Tan or a Blacksmith anymore.

6. Lager- Do I even need to say it's brand, my brothers and sisters? Yes. Jsut to give it it's due credit. Yuengling is the local boys favorite lager as the rest on this list are not lagers. Well, some are, but beer has changed from only having two real class distinctions (Lager and Ale's), to having tons of new monikers. Yuengling is the lager that will one day consume all of America, but for now, I'd like to say it's our cheap local favorite that will stay near and dear to our hearts forever. America's oldest brewery knows where it's at.

5. Boddington's Pub Ale- GASP! An English beer over Guiness?! You bet. Boddingtons has the lighter yellowish color of your standard pilsner style beer btu the same frothy head and crisp clear taste of Guiness. There ain't nothin' better than a 4 pack of Boddingtons to keep my heart content these days. On tap, the beer is even tastier. It's a recent favorite, so it being in the top 5 already is big news. It may crack the higher echelon of favs along the road.

4. Miller's High Life- Okay. It's fucking champagne, people. Although it's been fanc micros and old standards so far, you better believe that the top 5 will have two considered low-end beers when really they are top notch. High Life not only has many many many good times and good people attatched to it, it has a taste and consistency that I can drink all the time. I can't always have those heavier beers. And when I get older and can't handle them anymore, I will be drinking this and #2 at all times. I'll be living the High Life as an old man.

3. Sam Adams Oktoberfest- The top notch beer of all Sam Adams is by far their Fall beers. Oktoberfest makes me want to jump into a turkey dinner, a pile of leaves or a hayride like whoa. And since Autumn is my favorite season, you better believe that this beer will trump the rest. When I heard that Quizzo nights will be plagued with Sam Adams Oktoberfest on tap for 2.50 a pint, I creamed my pants avenged seventy times seven fold. Taste city! My fav Sammy. Look for the bottle with me on the cover!

2. Pabst Blue Ribbon- Preemptive SHUT UP to everyone. Pabst, PBR, what have you, will forever be one of the best beers on the market. When the douchebag local yokel Collingswood cop pulled me over for NO REASON and then had the audacity to mock our PBR, I was ready to bet the shit out of his lanky ass and make him apologize to the blue ribbon. Earn Your Blue Ribbon 1 was a brilliant party, kegs of PBR are always the way to fly (cheap AND good) and all the khyber happy hours of cheap PBR. Even though this may have nostalgia value, it's not only that that makes it great. I really do love the taste of PBR. BANG-O!

1. Yard's Philadelphia Pale Ale- Duuh. I am alone on this one, but nothing beats Yard's Philly Pale Ale. I can enjoy the crisp, smooth local taste that makes Yard's a masterwork of beer. The North Star is where I first enjoyed the hoptastic taste, and did I ever enjoy it! It was at my first E6 show. I also purchased all different kinds of Yards from the Foodery. Mmmm. I want one tonight! It's just that old time goodness and local support that I love. I guess I should have more explanation of why I love it, but it's kind of like finding the perfect fit. Sometimes there is no real reason. I jsut know that if I had one beer


PatrickH said...

Hey, I know you were looking for something to read, and I think you'd really enjoy "The Commissariat of Enlightenment" by Ken Kalfus. It's basically about the media frenzy that surrounded the death of Tolstoy....and why the inventor of the embalming process was there. It's a really cool book based in Russian history, that I first read in Grauke's class. I met the author and he's a cool dude too, spent a lot of time living in Russia to research the book so you know it's bona fide. Check it out.

Rob said...

check it out...

Gwen said...

i love it. i read the whole thing. but Hoegarden wouldve been on my list. you should come to monk's with me soon... i was looking through their neverending beer list and they have one that's 25% alcohol. i bet it tastes like a shot. a gigantic glorious shot.

Lou said...

Yeah, I stole your Stout. And I'd do it again. I bet you'll be more careful next time, because now you know how good it is.