Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nite Train

Last night, George of the Frisbee team (not Noringo George) came up with the idea to make our fantasy supergroup. Now, we didn't choose it like a fantasy league, we just came up with one. I did my research and decided to make the best soul funk groove supergroup I could think of with players from many different bands. I think their styles would all match and here is what I came up with. The band is called Nite Train.

Lead Guitar and Vocals~ Marc Bolan
Many people of our generation don't know it, but the brains behind T.Rex not only can write some of the funkiest lyrics you've would ever hear ("You slide so good with bones so fair/ You've got the universe reclining in your hair"), he has the guitar licks of some of the best. He's got a twangy tone and a sexy fast vibe that would wail over the rest of the band who would be the anchor to some of his onstage shenanigans. Of course, he is no longer alive, but that is why it's fantasy.
The key track to prove his funk vibe: "Jeepster" off of Electric Warrior

Rhythm Guitar~ The Edge
As much as my love for U2 has fallen apart with their last effort, there is no denying that the Edge would be a great fit for the Rhythm guitar. The tonal quality of his guitar is spacey enough and would just be used as the atmospheric backdrop to the jaunty, groove of Bolan's lead guitar. He's the darkhorse of the band, but he brings more to the table than you might think.

Bass~ Larry Graham
The man to reinvent the way bass was played, Larry Graham of Sly and the Family Stone pretty much started funk music with his style of bass playing. I didn't know this before picking him, but he invented the slap style that so many bassists use (Les Claypool, Flea) to give the grooveir feel of the instrument that was more or less before that used to be a part of the rhythm section. Having someone who is a legend, but not too notable on bass is perfect for the band. Pure musicianship is what I went for rather than big-headedness. Graham is the man

Keyboards~ Beck
Although we know what a wicked guitarist he can be, and we know his antics onstage, Beck on the keys (probably a keytar so he can move around a bit) is the move I made late in the game when I realized no great funk band is without keys. We know from Vultures that he knows how to be funky.

Drums~ Stewart Copeland
The Police veteran is easily one of the greatest drummers of all time. His jazz infused style would bring the class the band needs in the rhythm section. I feel that Copeland would know where to fill in the blanks of Grahams bass and of Edge's spacey rhythm. A perfect compliment to what we already have going here.

Horns~James Pankow and Lee Loughnane of Chicago
Easily one of the greatest walls of sound in rock, Chicago's horn section (before they turned into fluff in the late 70s) will bring the power that every funk band needs from the brass.

Overall, I think it would be a great band. They have power, groove and the power to make funky music with crazy lyrics.

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