Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I've never been too good with names

I've come to the realization that although I believe Halloween is a lame holiday, I love dressing in costume. Which means that the practice of having parties involving costumes needs to happen more often, therfore making Halloween obsolete and making rediculous clothes wearing more mainstream. I was at two parties this weekend (both at the EmoHouse).
I originally was going to be Artie, but much to my dismay, I could not find a blue and red striped shirt at any thrift store that was to my liking.Instead I went as Used Car Salesman named Gary (don't mistake me with this guy) So I found a costume out of stuff I already owned. I then realized that costumes are not about what you are wearing as much as if you can become the character itself. I wore my beige Cord pants and Blazer and an awesome orange polyester shirt my mom had from the 70's and sweet aviators. It took me a bit to get fully into character, after a bit of Jim Beam and a cigar.
Then the rocking began. The first band was good, El Tore De Oro. But they were only a warm up for the closing act. Which of course was Daggers of Throwing. What an excellent show! Covers, originals, and fake blood all led to the best Daggers show yet. Not to mention the sweet Daggers Blazer I now have!
The rest of the night was filled with members of the cast of Twin Peaks (including a extremely sexy version of Audrey Horn), air guitar and bass to both Slow Ride and I'm Your Captain, random chats with drunk costumed fools and all in all good times. Sleeping on the couch kinda sucked, but alas, worth the great night.
The next party, last night, was short lived yet awesome. I went to this party not as Gary, but as Teen Wolf a la Jason Bateman. Needless to say with a mask at a party, you can be really creepy and stalk random people and get sweet reactions from them. Three bands, only two kegs (which was fine by me since I had to drive), lots of slutty dressed chicks (so much eye candy!) and awesome dancing.
The band that took the cake last night was definitely Liam and Me. An unexpected hit! They were really awesome and played awesome danceable music. They were psyched that myself, Crazian and The King started an all out dance-a-thon 2005. Then the Count took the stage.
Count Robocula that is. And yes, they rocked really hard. With costumes ranging from the Warriors to Gob of Arrested Development, they churned out the musical fury of a band that lives in Halloween 24/7.
Choice costumes of the night were Elvis, Cochise and the slutty cop girl who had bruises on her bare ass legs (Elvis loved those and got a lubby from them.) The night was awesome and I wish I could have stayed longer, but it was winding down fast since people had classes the next day (losers).
One thing that I appreciate about Halloween is I get to make an ass out of myself for no reason except that you get to be someone else that night. Its like acting. And its fun.
Rock on


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