Monday, November 21, 2005

Every junkies like a setting sun

Neil Young is pretty much amazing. I mean, just look at him! Beyond the sweet mutton chops and look of a total slacker, this man is nothing but a musical songwriting genius. I went to look up lyrics for a song off of American Stars and Bars called "Hey Babe" and noticed something about his career. So many friggin albums! He has over 35 albums and some with other groups (CSNY and Buffallo Springfield.) What a sprawling career. His newest album, Praire Wind, is just as good as some of his early works and has a touch of Harvest to it. It's far and away better than Greendale, even tho Greendale is pretty good, but its a return to Neil's more classic songwriting style. Greendale is more insane with sprawling songs that last over the 8 minute mark many times and get a bit repetitive. Regardless, lord knows that I will be listening to Lots of Neil this week. And hopefully getting some more of his albums. Lately, I will just buy one on a whim and a lot of times, it rules. So far, I haven't gotten one that sucked. So keep me posted if you ahve any Neil discs. I will Get File them or copy them or yeah.

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