Friday, November 04, 2005

Being single kinda rules

Is it bad to be intimidated by the female species? I'm going to side with yes. I don't see what my problem is, really. I'm an attractive, strapping young lad. What does strapping mean anyway? I don't think that describes me. Anyway, I like girls. And I think I'm stuck in this frame of mind that I have to find one girl to be interested in and be in some sort of "relationship" of sorts because that's all I've really known. And well, thats not the truth. But I'm so friggin conditioned, that I can't get comfortable with it being something casual and random and nothing of any real significance. That is, until now. After tonight, I finally can get over my own insecurities and be single without feeling lonely or unwanted. Because that ain't true. So ladies, beware. The Tsikitas has turned his back on his old self (even tho they say you can't change who you are inside). The time of me relying on someone else or somethign else is over.

Being single doesn't mean I'm not interested in a relationship right now, cuz I'm down for anything. It just means that I'm not going there.

Moving on, I decided that I am going to finally take control of my life and start writing something of importance rather than farting around all day. Lord knows I don't read for class. And Lord knows I don't read for fun right now (although I should.) So this computer will no longer enslave me to mindless E-Stalking and Facebooking. I will start my "Confession" or script more like it.

And here is my inspiration...

Henry Fool: [very calmly] Once - I forget where I was. Central America, maybe. Somewhere hot. Stupid job, bad pay, dangerous location, and water so foul the natives wouldn't even piss in it - this crowd of drunken motherfuckers hired by the local drug cartel showed up at my hotel room and threatened to tear me limb from limb. And I say, "Listen hombres, OK, you got me outnumbered here four to one and you're gonna kill me here tonight and not a soul in this dimly lit world is gonna notice I'm gone. But one of you, one of you, one of you is gonna have his eye torn out. Period." Silence. "I repeat myself: One of you poor, underpaid jerks is gonna have an eye ripped out of its socket. I promise. It's a small thing perhaps, all things considered, but I will succeed, because it's the only thing I have left to do in this world. So why don't you just take a good look at one another one last time, and think it over a few minutes more."
Simon: [pause] And then what happened?
Henry Fool: Well. Here I am, still, after all.

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Do you want to go steady?