Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I love the F Chord

Playing the guitar is slowly becoming a lot more natural for me. I still dont know what chords are what on barre chord stylings. But I can rock a mean impromtu jam here and then as I sit and look up Lemonheads and Wilco tabs constantly. These two bands are influencing my music stylings for what I want F-Stop to become someday. Something about the simplicity of the Lemonheads and the lyrics of Wilco have really hit home for me. I love rocking out some Neil Young as well. Playing "Like A Hurricane" is so friggin fun. I can't solo for shite, but I love the chord progression in this song. Not to mention the F Chord, which sounds so good. I don't know why. Its just a good chord. Regardless, Evan Dando, the musician in which inspires me to play guitar, writes some catchy simple songs. And my favorite song to play is Confetti from It's a Shame About Ray. It's such a feel good song that just rocks. I want to learn Rudderless as well which is fun but I cant finda good tab for it. And my ear isnt good for the chords that I dont know how to play yet. Im workin on it. By winter break, Ill be ready to rock out rythm with some people if F-Stop ever gets out of the brain-child phase.

Music is so enriching. It's really the only passion I have right now. I can't write anything that I immediatley hate, I cant stand school anymore and I really have no drive to read either(which sux cuz there is so much I want to read right now.) SO music it is. Between guitar, listening to tunes and doing Peel Slowly and See, I dont want to do anything at all. Which is not good.

So here's to me writing a song right now at 2am right before I douse my throat with Ny Quil and sleep for 9 hours.

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