Friday, January 27, 2006

Y2K Is the single greatest moment in American History

So tonight, after talking with Kevner and Dom about the fabled Y2K video hosted by Leonard Nimoy, I decided it is the moment in our history that makes the USA so great. I wont say anything else, but let reviewers on speak for me. Here are reviews for the Y2K Guide:

"I bought this video at a Gun and Knife show (not here at Amazon) and was told that it was supposed to air on the Discovery Channel but was banned because it's so truthful. True, the video builds up all sorts of potential Y2K disasters which could scare you, however, it does give many reasons why and how this whole crisis could've been at least tackled in the last decade - NOT by waiting until 1999 to Band-Aid the whole computer industry. I was more mad than scared. The Information Technology 'powers that be' have no good excuse for their failure to fix this problem, and this video tells it like it is! The video does make the government seem like liars and that they are white-washing their Y2K readiness disclosures. Only time will tell...and keep your weapons handy. "
~Douchey McFucknut- Gary, Indiana

This is a superb video! As a computer professional, I found the statement of the problem to be clear and accurate. As a mom, I was very impressed with the practical preparations discussed and recommended. Get a copy for all your "Good" friends! "
~Mrs. Ima Fuckinidiot~ Flint, Michigan

"Being a great pessimist, I must say that I feel much better after watching this film. There are things I can easily do to prepare myself and my family for the year 2000. Wish there would have been more detailed information and less visual effects, but overall the film "worked". "
~Mr. Whatever the TV Says Must Be True- Elkton, Maryland

For some reason, these people watched this video and believed it. Watch it sometime with me and see why its amazingly bad and rediculous that anyone could be duped by this event.

P.S.- I ordered the book version of the nimoy vid and a Y2K Cookbook (yes it existed and has a section about mudslides and avalanches in it) to do research for poss Bro. G project.


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