Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Odyssey and Oracle

2006 is here and the Lord above knows that it started on the right foot. First off, hats off to the great host and hostesses of the Haddon Ave Three's Company house. John, Jill and Carly, you know how to control the atmosphere of your gatherings. You make the good times roll. I got to meet new people, get to know people I knew sort of even better and I got a New Year's wish come true. You could say that this was the finest New Years celebration I've ever attended. I just hope things that have began to be set in to motion continue on the same great pace.

The next day, I got to see my buds at the Dr. Carey after party and play some Apples to Apples. I missed them much this New Years, but I will be seeing them this weekend at the 3rd Leo Retreat Weekend that I myself have attended. It shall be an awesome cast with the addition(s) of Simon and Dom. This would rule due to the fact that they will meld with this crowd (as Simon already has) so well. Good times will be had surely.

Last night was a game of World Domination A La Risk. The Black Army was looking really bleak in the first few hours of the game, yet we stayed in power in the middle of Eurasia until the last turn of the entire game. Thank the lord for my Politician Stance towards Risk. It was fun times with the guys.

Tonight, the true test of my readiness to move on with my life will take place. It is an Odyssey that I will set sail on. I think I might have found a person with like mindedness and with a great outlook on life. So here's to you, 2006 for begining the way it should. With the return of the Cockeyed Optimist outlook on life rather than the self-loathing of 2005.

PS- Rush is a band that gets the shaft due to Geddy Lee's voice and their cheesier 80's songs, yet their 70's stuff fucking owns. Find a copy of the Zombies' Odyssey and Oracle... an amazing album.

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