Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Sickness Unto Death

So here it is. Day Two of the sickness. And it sucks. Fever (highest being 101.9), cough (howling like J Masics on the song "Don't"), nausea (with puking in the commuter lounge last night), cold sweats (my lord... probably the worst part), back pain (so it's sounding like the flu), and stomach pain (the doctor says if this continues, that its not good.)

So if that wasn't bad enough, I had to skip my classes, not finish Jitterbug Perfume for the God that is Seydow and sit in bed all day long. SUCK!

Anyways, the one good thing was I got to watch to classic films during the day and after I try to hold some food down, I will continue to viddy films. The first was Heaven Help Us with the incomperable Andrew McCarthy and Mary Stuart Masterson. Such a hilarious comedy with a lot of heart. It also proves that John Heard (the dad from Home Alone) is actually a really good actor. He's also in After Hours so that's proof enough. Then I watched Swimming With Sharks and forgot how brilliant it was. So dark and hilarious and scary at points. Frank Whaley (the guy Sam Jax interrogates in Pulp Fiction) and Kevin Spacey (that guy who won two Oscars) have such an intense chemistry that its hard to not love it. Definitely worth checking out.

Not sure what I will watch next. All I know is I regret trying to sleep tonight. Between the coughing and the sweats, I wont get much sleep.

Just drop me a line or a hello so I feel better.

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Face of Spades said...

Convalesce rapidly, my boy. Sunday beckons!