Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm Not Here, This Isn't Happening

As 2006 rolls along, a lot of awesome things are going on. But one thing is going pretty harshly. My family. For the first time ever, things are going wrong with the fam. My sister is in really bad shape and I want everyone who reads this to keep her and my parents in your thoughts. I don't have much else to say, but things are really hard at home. So if you ahve a couch, extra bed, or a floor and sleeping bag, I may be escaping my house. A lot. Even more than before.

On a side note, I am newly addicted to this freaking Buckley compilation. Get it now. It's really freaking good. The Buckley's know how to write heart wrenchingly amazingly beautiful lyrics. And they do them amazingly, but its fun to hear artists who are influenced by these great talents do it their way. Esp. The Magic Numbers another new freind in my musical library. Check both of them out.

Also, instead of Grace being my daily album, January is looking like Sufjan Stevens everyday at least once. God I love music.


Face of Spades said...

Call the number. I've still got your blanket and pillow, after all.

Drew said...

You're always welcome at Uber World, man. Sorry about the cats though. But still.

Drew said...

I second Drew's invitation. We'll just have to buy some stock in Benadryl.