Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rock of Ages: Roxy Music - "Love is the Drug" (1975)

Roxy Music is an elusive band in the States. Their influence is relatively big, ushering in movements in Avante Garde, Glam and even Disco Pop, but their songs are rarely heard on classic rock stations. Is it because their music is dated? No. Is it because it isn't that good? Definitely not. Regardless of this, there is no denying their amazing influence on pop music. In 1975, Roxy Music released "Love is the Drug" and infused the best of Disco into their brand of glam rock. Bryan Ferry with his crooning vocals is as good a 70's front man as any. The groove of the song is ultra sexy and dancey. With horns chiming in and harmonies care of Ferry, "Love is the Drug" is one of the best disco pop songs of the era, but with a new wave edge. It's definitely one of the catchiest songs you will hear and it's no wonder it's the first Roxy Music track to really hit home in the States.

Roxy Music went through some line-up changes with Bryan Ferry and Phil Manzenera being the centerpiece of the group. Ferry's vocals are forever entwined with the group and Manzenera guitars signify the true Roxy sound. Manzenera did session work with people like former Roxy Music member Brian Eno and produced records for the likes of David Gilmour and John Cale. "Love is the Drug" is definitely one of the defining songs of the 1970's and hits every right chord that a pop song should. It makes you want to strut, dance and sing along. Even if Roxy Music doesn't get the cred in the States they deserve, there is no denying their influence of modern rock music.

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