Friday, July 31, 2009

Rock of Ages: Soundgarden - "Jesus Christ Pose" (1991)

Soundgarden is one of those grunge bands that defy the genre to an extent. Grunge to an extent is way more bluesy, where as Soundgarden is way more prog/metal influenced then the lot of the grunge movement. Their epic album Badmotorfinger is a perfect example of their electrifyingly hard metal version of grunge. Unlike previous post Pearl Jam, in 1991, Soundgarden was already into their third record. "Jesus Christ Pose" was the lead off single from this record, and due to controversial subject matter misconceptions, it did not become one of the bands more memorable singles. However, by sheer power and writing, "Jesus Christ Pose" is easily the bands most daunting and rocking single. It's a powerhouse track that really tears into the heart of the listener. In drop D tuning, as many of Soundgarden's songs are, it's got a deep, bassy vibe to it that thunders in your chest.

Chris Cornell's vocals are at a fantastically high pitched and commanding on "Jesus Christ Pose." Lyrically, the song is less an indictment of religion, but of those in power who act as deities to garner their own power and manipulate people. In this sense, the song is really profound of sorts. The real heroes of this track are the musicians. As much as Cornell's wailings are impressive with their pitch, the riff that runs through the track is fast and unrelenting. It's an impressive song filled with several riffs and progression changes. It's blistering and fantastic. Unlike songs like "Burden In My Hand" and "Black Hole Sun" are more bluesy standard, but "Jesus Christ Pose" is a furious rocker that does not hold back on sheer power. When it ends in a flurry of distortion and sound, you will need some help getting the remnants of your face off of the floor.

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