Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rock of Ages: Pink Floyd - "Time" (1973)

Pink Floyd's career changed from psych pop freaks to the epitome of prog rock in seven years. Piper At the Gates of Dawn was released in 1967 and Dark Side of the Moon was released in 1973 and changed everything for them musically. A daunting studio task, Dark Side is absolutely flawless. Easily the best album that is necessary to listen to from start to finish, Dark Side is chock full of great music, but sometimes its hard to take a song out of its context and it still work. The only song that works this way is the albums most poignant and beautifully awesome rock track "Time." Lyrically about how the moments of the day are slowly going by us whether we are trying to keep up with things, not miss integral moments or just not realizing how dull life can be as time passes by. Musically, "Time" is the bands crowning achievement in atmosphere and power. David Gilmour never sounded so serenely powerful then on the guitar solo. It's slow but beautiful and moving, so much so that I get teary eyed every time I hear it. David Gilmour also kills the song vocally in one of his career defining moments behind the microphone.

The rest of the band are no slouches either. Roger Waters' lyrics are poignant and beautiful, Nick Mason's percussion after the famous chiming clocks intro is fantastic and Rick Wright's organ embellishments and harmonies are beautiful. As much as the band was tearing a part at the seams starting around this era, the band was at it's apex of songwriting on Dark Side of the Moon. "Time" isn't the only beautiful track. "Us and Them" as well as "Breathe" are notoriously fantastic tracks. Sadly, with the loss of Rick Wright, a full on Pink Floyd reunion tour is sadly never going to happen, but luckily we got a small glimpse of that during the Live 8 shows in 2005. Roger Waters said it best during the recording of this seminole album: "In the finished article, the only thing that is important is whether it moves you or not. There is nothing else that is important at all."

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