Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rock of Ages: Depeche Mode - "Enjoy the Silence" (1990)

The 1980's was short lived here at Rock of Ages, but alas, we finally move on to the 1990's. This is more my generation. I remember all these albums dropping (for the most part) and can attest to the times more accurately (for the most part.) Anyways, the 90's will see an array of college radio, grunge and other alternative styles get their due, finally. The classic rock era is over. 1990 saw an 80's band releasing their finest album to date. Depeche Mode's Violater isn't too far from what Depeche Mode had done prior, except maybe the cheesey "Just Can't Get Enough." Violator is a dark and brooding masterpiece. Songs like "Enjoy the Silence" and "Personal Jesus" are dark, moody tracks with really awesome intstrumentation. Personal favorite and smash hit "Enjoy the Silence" is a lot more contemplative, but has all the elaborate trappings of the other tracks.

One thing about "Enjoy the Silence" is the beautiful vocal work of lead vocalist Dave Gahan. His woozy, baritone voice fits the lyrics of longing and loss very well and add to the element of melancholy that prevails over the track. The guitar riff that is laddled over the song is just as melancholic. The upbeat tempo originally wasn't supposed to be attributed to the track, but to me it fits all to perfectly. Sometimes heartbreak doesn't need to be super slow and moody to show the same emotions. Lyrically this is one of the saddest songs, showing how words are "trivial and forgettable" but our emotions will always be more important. You can say one thing, but mean another. Violator became the biggest album in Depeche Mode's catalog and is definitely my favorite. Not a bad song on the disc. "Enjoy the Silence" is still heard in clubs, as the song has various remixes and covers. It's a timeless track and a perfect transition into the sulk and sour 90's.

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