Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rock of Ages: Public Enemy - "Bring the Noise" (1987)

Much like Punk Rock, I know close to nothing about hip hop and rap music. They aren't as in tuned to my sensibilities as rock music is, but that being said, there is no denying the greats and I have come across some brilliant goodness in these genres. Rock of Ages won't discriminate hip hop from this list of songs as they are still infused with all the sensibilities of rock music. Public Enemy has as much power, if not more, in their words and style than any of the other countless songs of rebellion we have come across on this countdown. Their 1987 single "Bring the Noise", which later appeared on their 1988 album It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back is an undeniable piece of intense and brilliant protest and musical prowess. The beat is infectious, Chuck D's rapid fire lyrics are incendiary and pointing and the sampling and swirling sounds leave their mark.

The amount of racial tensions in the country, especially in places like New York where Public Enemy was from, was staggering. "Bring the Noise" is Chuck D's opus and plea to the community to get together to stamp out hatred for blacks, to prove that hip hop was more than just an ethnic movement and was a viable and meaningful musical movement (much more obvious today than in the 80's as now hip-hop has taken over the mainstream.) The song also has artistic merit in it's usage of sampling and amazing beat structures. Public Enemy was ahead of their time and are considered by many to be the greatest hip hop group of the 80's and beyond. There is no denying Chuck D's prowess behind the mic and his poetic way of words. His message, although to some stark, is very important in the movement and advancement of black culture. Spike Lee took notice of that and used a later hit, "Fight the Power" in his film Do The Right Thing. The words of "Bring The Noise" are still important today and the song still kicks raw ass.

Although I am writing about the original "Bring the Noise", here is the amazing crossover hit of Anthrax AND Public Enemy.

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