Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rock of Ages: Electric Light Orchestra - "Mr. Blue Sky" (1978)

Electric Light Orchestra is an enigma of a group. For the most part, their songs are very hit or miss and most of the time I just can't get into their full length albums, save Eldorado which has some stellar movements and moments. However, when ELO is on top of it's game, they have a way of injecting the listener with a feeling of sheer joy and elation. Their happier, peppier songs are better then when Jeff Lynne tries to sound like John Lennon. With great pleasure, I bestow on you "Mr. Blue Sky", as the 50th song of this Rock of Ages countdown. It's easily one of maybe 5 songs that no matter what else is going on in mt life, it is able to put a smile on my face. It's a piece of pop music mastery with catchy hooks, sing-a-long lyrics, movements and shifts in the music that inspire as well as percussion that's easy to replicate with household appliances or items lying around.

Electric Light Orchestra just hits a homer run with "Mr. Blue Sky." I demand any person to listen to this song and not just want to bop around dancing. It's perfect driving music, dancing in pajamas music, singing in the shower music, cooking dinner music or general music to have fun to. ELO makes music that every man and woman should be able to enjoy with "Mr. Blue Sky." It should cross generational boundries and racial boundries. More or less, "Mr. Blue Sky" should be able to cure cancer at some point. I know this write up has turned into borderline comedy, but the song is mroe or less just great on the way it makes you feel. It's not that it isn't well composed or produced, in fact it's quite great. It's just not why it's a go to song. It's all about emotions, and the best emotion of all. Happiness.

Up Next: A Nick Lowe Double Dose - First his own song, then one he wrote for Elvis Costello (might take one blog post for that)

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leo said...

At what point did this become the go-to song for movie trailers, even if it's not in the real soundtrack? I've seen a hundred that use it in spots to project quirky humor / energy and I doubt it's actually in any of the real films. Maybe it was Eternal Sunshine.

I love it and all, I just hope it doesn't become too associated with advertising like all the popular Who songs are.