Friday, July 24, 2009

Rock of Ages: Prince & The Revolution - "Let's Go Crazy" (1984)

I am excited to say that my 400th post on this blog goes to the man with the purple banana, Prince. Just 25 years ago, Prince released an epic album of some of the sexiest and grooviest rock music of the 80's via his soundtrack album Purple Rain. The album was just as groundbreaking and revolutionary as Michael Jackson's Thriller and made the 83 - 84 years stellar for African American artists topping the charts. Where MJ served up pop hits such as "Thriller" and "Beat It", Prince's edge leaned toward the sexual, as always, with songs like "When Doves Cry" and "Darling Nikki." Prince had a way with words that was unlike any other artist of the time. Unabashed sexuality and even existentialism could be found. Much like his hit "1999", the lead off track on the album, "Let's Go Crazy" is about looking past the world we live in, embracing the good things around us and enjoying the best parts of life while we wait for "the after world." It's really an uplifting song of sorts. Filled with great rock hooks, a catchy beat and extremely danceable and sing-along verses, it's one of the best album openers and Prince's most spasticly awesome jam.

One thing that Prince is known for beyond his uber sexuality and strange omnisexual persona is that he is one of the best guitar players of the 80's. Most go-to guitar fiends would say Van Halen is the 80's king, but Prince has a style and swagger all his own. His frantic guitar was much like his own voice, high pitched, filled with emotions and, as said a dozen times before, filled with sexuality. "Let's Go Crazy" is a fantastic song that really reflects the times. It was about reckless abandon and about getting your freak on and not caring about the worries in the world around you, even when they can overwhelm you. It's a great message wrapped in a kick ass dance rock song.

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