Tuesday, November 14, 2006

They Call Me The Working Man

I guess that's what I am.

So working at Cherry Hill Towers is kinda great, kinda lame at the same time. I like my job a lot which is weird. I never expected to lease apartments. Ever. But hey, it's a job that brings money in. The people I work with are my age and we get along. My boss is cool and isn't up my ass about doing work, but I do my work because of that (although right now I am blogging, but that's because it' crappy out and no one is coming in to rent.) That's the part that is lame. It's so slow. So I get bored really fast. I listen to my iPod or last.fm and just sit and wait for the work to come in. I took 3 tours last week. THREE! That sucks. In a 40-Hour work week, I took maybe a total of 3 hours out of that to take tours and hopefully sign a lease (which I didn't.) I've been here almost two months (maybe more than that now) and I have no plans of leaving anytime soon, but seriously will the swanky young-socialites of the Philadelphia Tri-State area just decide to rent here already! Anyway, last perk of my job is talking to other workings stiffs who have desk jobs and can chat on AIM all day long. Sharing working life stories is kinda great. It makes me look forward to post graduate life which I loathed up until about two months ago. Also, I like this job cuz I just told a check we we're voiding to S*CK IT!

Addendum: This is what I mean about working man conversations.

jungle45rpm (3:06:32 PM): dude get ready

jungle45rpm (3:06:41 PM): for this story
Cropulis Forever (3:06:43 PM): ok
Cropulis Forever (3:06:45 PM): hit me
Cropulis Forever (3:06:50 PM): btw... Pats arent makin the Super Bowl
jungle45rpm (3:07:56 PM): about an hour ago, this old guy (80-plus, who doesn't really work here but he's an old friend of the president so he gets a desk) comes in, presumably to do some work of his own
Cropulis Forever (3:08:16 PM): nice
jungle45rpm (3:08:35 PM): takes one step through the door and somehow drops a fair-sized pile of turds on the doormat through his pant leg,
Cropulis Forever (3:09:08 PM): thats how I sell* it at work
Cropulis Forever (3:09:14 PM): wow
Cropulis Forever (3:09:17 PM): wowwy wow wow
jungle45rpm (3:09:44 PM): so he hightails it for the bathroom to clean himself off
jungle45rpm (3:09:56 PM): (nobody's noticed it yet)
Cropulis Forever (3:09:58 PM): thats the good life
Cropulis Forever (3:10:04 PM): are you just ignoring t he shits?
jungle45rpm (3:10:18 PM): then all of a sudden I hear the secretaries be all like "aw god what is that smell?"
Cropulis Forever (3:10:31 PM): hahaha
jungle45rpm (3:10:43 PM): and then I hear a scream like fifty rats just crawled into their axe wounds**
jungle45rpm (3:10:50 PM): they go running past me
jungle45rpm (3:11:13 PM): so I go up to the lobby to inspect the damage
Cropulis Forever (3:11:14 PM): hahahaha
Cropulis Forever (3:11:16 PM): you are terrible
Cropulis Forever (3:11:17 PM): i love you
jungle45rpm (3:11:38 PM): what kind of codger mungs*** himself?
Cropulis Forever (3:11:55 PM): A;ETJNHA['HNET'[HNAET'HNMAETH'IONMAET'J
jungle45rpm (3:12:01 PM): lol
Cropulis Forever (3:12:01 PM): GAAAAAAAAH
Cropulis Forever (3:12:23 PM): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Cropulis Forever (3:12:24 PM): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Cropulis Forever (3:12:26 PM): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Cropulis Forever (3:12:34 PM): ....AH
jungle45rpm (3:12:38 PM): SELLSELLSELL
jungle45rpm (3:13:05 PM): so he comes out of the bathroom, grabs his hat and leaves out one of the back doors
Cropulis Forever (3:13:24 PM): wait
Cropulis Forever (3:13:29 PM): the story isnt done??
jungle45rpm (3:13:37 PM): not quite
Cropulis Forever (3:13:39 PM): oh man
Cropulis Forever (3:13:42 PM): complete NOW
jungle45rpm (3:14:02 PM): so the mat gets disposed of but the smell is not getting any better, in fact, it seems to be worsening
jungle45rpm (3:14:22 PM): the light bulb goes off in my head, I don my hazmat gear, and go look in the bathroom trash can
jungle45rpm (3:14:34 PM): yup,
jungle45rpm (3:14:38 PM): he left his boxers in there.
Cropulis Forever (3:15:32 PM): a shit and run
jungle45rpm (3:15:35 PM): so I played shashy shasher japan 4**** with my supervisor, he lost, and he had to get rid of it
jungle45rpm (3:15:37 PM): LOL
jungle45rpm (3:15:40 PM): YES
Cropulis Forever (3:15:41 PM): hahahaha
Cropulis Forever (3:15:46 PM): my GAWD
Cropulis Forever (3:15:50 PM): your job officially rules

{Addendum: After conversing with Rob Ealer, I realize only about half of the people will understand some of what's going on in that there convo. Here is a quick reference glossary.
*Sell: The process of selling a hit in wrestling terms. When something ridiculous happens, you sell how insane it is
**Axe Wounds: Vagina
***Codger mung: The process of squeezing an old man so his entrails/bowels/shits fly out.
****Shashy, Shasher, Japan 4: Freddy Got Fingered Themed Rock, Paper, Scissors.}

So this weekend was kinda epic in some ways, kind of lame in others. I'll say the lame parts first. Workign Sunday cramped my ability of continuing Saturday's greatness as did my car (which is running a little bit better today.) Now for the good parts. Let's start with Friday.

Primus. Uhm. Yeah. About that. It was amazing. Here is the set-list. Sorry, Stev, but you need to see this.

Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers
Here Come the Bastards
The Toys Go Winding Down
My Name is Mud
Jerry was a Racecar Driver
Hamburger Train
Drum and Whamola Jam
Too Many Puppies > Master of Puppets > Too Many Puppies

Pudding Time
Groundhog's Day

As far as I'm concerned, it's been the best of the tour yet and he was sick that night and played a shorter set. Short but perfection. I'd say the only equally as amazing set list is Atlanta. It actually might be better, but Toys Go Winding Down and Hamburger Train are two of my all time favs, so it was sexy disco dance time at the Tower. The Drum solo and Whamola (a gut-bucket with a singular string and a massive distortion pedal attatched to the top of it) was so choice that even though it cut out room for another song was amazing. That was probably so Les could save his vocals.

Saturday was Stev's 21st. I stopped over there after they got back from Philly, but he was blackout sans cack out. We made the trek down to Atlantic City. I lost at Craps, but played for a solid two hours so losing the money was not a bad thing. No one won. It was sort of depressing, but it was fun anyway. The most fun part was the people mover to the Claridge upstairs strange bar. We all collectively decided (myself, Boyle and Kira, Stev, Danno) It would be just a little too awesome. Then I drove home and my car decided to suck.

Sunday was boring. Didn't do anything really. Monday was Guitar Hero 2-ing. It was fun. "Killing in the Name" is my best performed song with 5-stars and a pretty sweet high score. I'm working on doing a routine Morello style for whoever decides to bite the bullet and have a Guitar Hero party.

So that's my day. Now back to listening to Yo La Tengo who probably has the best album of the year. I've increased the amount I've been listening to I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass lately and it's amazing.


Lou said...

If you want that program that tracks things you listen to on your ipod to lastfm, let me know man. It's really made a difference in my charts.

...Damnit I sound like a dork.

And stev was blackout long before you got there, trust me.

Paul Tsikitas said...

HA! Nice. I'm definitely interested in influencing my iPod into track form. I think I downloaded it, but I have no idea how it works compared to my iscrobbler. And I have a PC (yuck) so I know yer pain.

PS- Let's hang out soooon!