Monday, November 13, 2006

At the Moment

So I'm pretty bored. Like, mega bored. So here is my jump kick to the teeth "At The Moment" likes. Things I like at this exact moment.


Dump's A Grown Ass Man - James McNew of the ever so lovely Yo La Tengo goes by the name of Dump when recording in his basement on an 8-tracker and some free time. This album which I believe is from four years ago is pretty friggin addictive. You may remember me talking about his album of Prince covers that is next to impossible to find unless you ask someone who owns it to burn it for you. This album has originals and a few covers (Thin Lizzy's "Cowboy Song" being one of the best covers I've ever heard) that are dripping with catchy guitar hooks, funky drum machine beats reminiscent of the Casio stylings of Wesley Willis and McNew's strained yet loveable voice. Songs like "The History of Love" make every amatuer musician/singer/songwriter/producer want to pick upa guitar and record something. It's a shame that you won't be as good as this because, well, Dump has this charm about him that makes him awesome where you and I do not. Maybe it's because he's in an established band, but that means jack crap. Definitely get it even if for the Marvin Gaye cover of "Mr. Too Damn Good" that is beggin for you to play it next time you rock your woman in the sack.


Primus' "The Toys Go Winding Down"- Ever since their show on Friday, I can't get over how friggin ridiculous it was. So I listen to this said track which was the third in a balls to the wall amazing setlist that rocked my skull so hard, that I still am bleeding from the temple. I can't get over the friggin triplets Les Claypool plays in this song. GAH!
ps- The link is so you can listen to it if you don't have it. THe video sucks but the sound quality is good.


Home Movies Season 4
"Journal to the Center Of McGuirk". That's all that needs to be said.

Video Game

See Last Post.


I haven't decided what to pick up next, but I think its time to sit back and just fucking read Catch-22.


Bouphonia- Good political, environmental and other stuff updated almost daily. Kudos.

That's all she wrote. That wasted some time. Definitely check out some of these things and enjoy.

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j. leo said...

"Dude, you should totallly come to my journal writing class. There's gonna be chicks there."

ya gotta bring in a stereo system to read a two-minute journal entry....