Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Council of Trent and *GASP* OJ is Guilty?!


So I'm not a huge political follower. I'd say I follow politics as much as I follow most professional sports. I know enough to have some sort of opinion that is based in some fact. And As far as I'm concerned, I have my right as an American to state my opinion here.

Trent Lott has taken the GOP's leading role in the one vote. Okay. So, I'm not a followed of the Bush administration, but one would have to at least think that this guy is a bad choice to stick in the position of the minority whip in the house. I mean, remember back when he stepped down from office because, well to put it frankly, he is a rascist scumbag? Are Republicans in the house that stupid? I mean, they just lost Congress and are losing ground in the power structure. So, they thought it would be a good idea to vote for somoene insensitive and living in 1950? Unbelievable. What's next? Ressurect Strom Thurman and appoint him to a new cabinet position? It just boggles my mind that the conservative community could be so dumb at a time when they are losing power and need to try and either compromise with Dems or at least give them a better name in the media and in the country.

What's good about this is the fact that he was posted as the minority whip. Hmmmmm. Ironic? I think some of you will appreciate that (I'm looking at you, Lou.)

Then there is this. Uhhhm. Kind of old news minus the whole tv and book deal.

Ya gotta love this asshole. I mean, I thought no one could be more insane than Mike Tyson, but this is official. So here is the scoop. Acquited for two murders. Blatantly guilty. Guilty in the civil case. Never pays the 33.5 mil he owes. Moves to Florida and can't be touched (his money or property.) Now, he gets a sweet book deal and TV spot with Fox basically confessing "If I Did It", this is how I would have done it. WHAT THE FUCK?! Wow. It makes me wonder what people in the media are driven by... oh, wait, nevermind. It's all money. They don't give a shit this psycho asshole killed two people and is gonna just come right out and say this IS how I did it. Now buy my book and watch my show and buy Miller Lite and Dortitos after seeing the commercials during the broadcast of the interview so I can earn money to NOT pay up in my Civil case. WOW. Our system is fucked up.

Anyway, thats my rant on real things for the first time in a while.


j. leo said...

You know, as soon as they can figure out the mechanics, they WILL resurrect Thurmond pronto. Dude was still winning big time when he was 90 something years old and totally out of it. They'd have put him in one of those suspended animation tubes and ran his campaign if they could. Once they will, it's over, because people in South Carolina apparently had no want for change in like 60 years.

It's not so bad, though. This is what will allow me to make Weekend at Bernies 3: Bernie Goes to Washington. I mean, it's not like Andrew McCarthy and Jon Silverman have anything better to do.

j. leo said...

Oh ,and as far as OJ goes, I've lost count of how many stupid shows/specials FOX has run since they cancelled AD. I really don;t what to knwo what that number is anyway.

And as different as these points are, they're eerily connected, because FOX loves sucking the Republican dicks and promoting them as the better, more moral party. Your rant, and mine, and anyone's with a half a brain shwos that it's all about money for all these jackasses.

(Great joke on the radio today: If FOX promises "fair and balanced" news, shouldn't they interview the dead spirit of his wife, like through a celebrity psychic? And why does that sound like somethign FOX would absolutely do?)

NICKEL said...

(sigh) I love Andrew McCarthy.

Face of Spades said...

Certainly no dumber a move than the Democrats making Howard Dean head of the national committee after he told an audience that "no Republican could get this many African-Americans in a room without inviting the hotel staff".

But the minority whip is the assistant to the minority leader, who if I'm not mistaken is John Boehner from Ohio (let the jokes begin). Making a strong social conservative the #2 man in the House is not a bad move by the Republicans because it sends a message to social conservatives nationwide that their ideas are not being abandoned by the party. That's a lot of votes, there.

j. leo said...

I thought it was Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. And if I just got something political right over Danno, then what world are we living in?

Ugh. I never heard that one. I guess I'll take back my Dean in '08 pick. I still like him, at least the man has gusto.

Face of Spades said...

You might be right. Bill Frist used to be the guy, but he just retired. I just asked around the office and nobody's really sure who it is. Regardless, I think they are re-voting for a new leader.

j. leo said...

Yo, Malkmus (and pavement) had a little praise in Tiem this week, which was a weird thing for me to read. Look it up. Or maybe I'll just post it..

Yeah, I'll jsut post it on mine. Interesting.