Friday, November 10, 2006


So thanks to Stev, I now am craving easily the most fun interactive game made since Time Crisis in the arcade. This is not good. Guitar Hero (1 and/or 2... at this point it doesn't make a difference) is so friggin fun that I can't even begin to handle it. When it's predocessor (Dance Dance Revolution) came out, I knew it was on. The return of arcade style games for the home like in the days of the Track and Field for NES. Interactive games are way more fun then your average console game. Yea, Goldeneye is cool, but when you are actually doing what is happening on the screen, for my buck, it makes it that much more fun. It's what virtual reality tried to be, although that stuff is kind of lame. Anyway, so back to Guitar Hero. I heard about this game in January and had been meaning to play it with some old Wow Video cronies, but it never happened. That was mainly because I got paulsy and quit my job (reverse order.) So I forgot about it. Then Crizzatch got it for his birthday this year and I fell asleep after the Sorry! game and didn't return to shred. Then he went back to school. So again, I forgot about it. Then Stev's 21st is this weekend and thanks to Ryan's goading, he hinked on both guitar hero 1 and 2. Last night I finally got to shred the guitars.

Well, much to my pleasant surprise, the control is in a shape of an SG Special. Immediately, I began salivating. So we whip it out and the first song I do is Moptley Crue's "Shout at the Devil" and "Mother" by Danzig. The track list is nasty and all over the place with songs by Rush, Primus, STP, Spinal Tap and even the Living End. Its nasty fun.

So when me next check comes or maybe even sooner, I will be buying the drugs.


j. leo said...

MOTHER?? Oh man!! I'm extra pumped to come home now...

Jelone! said...

Word. I'm super-psyched to handle Guitar Hero 2. The Cake boys and i have gotten many hours of rock and/or roll out of the first one. i suck ass at it, but g'damn is it fun to (attempt to) rock some Motorhead.