Monday, November 20, 2006

Does it look like I give a damn?

I got around to seeing a movie this weekend with mi madre and it was quite entertaining. That of course was Casino Royale, the latest of the new James Bond films. As a moderate fan of the Bond films (mainly Connery and Brosnan era), I was very excited to see one of my favorite newcomers, Daniel Craig, don the ol' Tux and sip down martini's. I had read reviews that he played Bond a little differently and I am glad he did. The new Bond is like the new Batman/Bruce Wayne. He's dark, foreboding, a smart-ass, reckless and vulnerable. He sweats, bleeds, almost dies and actually gets weakened by the ladies. He falls in love (GASP! WHAT?!) and he is a new hired gun who makes mad mistakes. Just fresh from getting his Double 0 , he gets into some trouble when he is seen killing an "unarmed" suspect. The opening chase sequence on foot is amazing to watch. For once, their are less visual effects (CGI that is), more stunts and more suspense. As far as other Bond conventions go, their is no Moneypenny (I could care less about her, but they do refrence the name in a quick one liner), no Q (he's dead and John Cleese wasn't cutting it [no offense Mr. Cleese]), less gadets or ridiculous reliabilities from Bond (it's more ass kicking and one shot deals to the face then the usual bullet frenzy) and poker table suspense. Craig plays Bond perfectly. A refreshing switch on the "genre" was much needed to blast life into James, and he is the answer. Being the only udner 40 actor to play Bond, he could have a long road ahead of him. I hope he does because he is awesome, but at the same time, I want him to not get tied down to not seeing Craiggers rocking other roles because, well, he's an awesome actor.

If you need an awesome entertaining movie and have already went to Borat, check out Casino Royale.


Sara said...

I believe Sean Connery was 37 when he played Bond... making him under 40.

I could be horribly wrong, but I think I'm right. Lemme know, I'm interested!

Sara said...

I looked on imdb. He was 35 for Diamonds are Forever, which makes him even younger for the Bond movies he did before that came out. SUCKAAA.

Paul Tsikitas said...

Hmm. I probably heard Youngest since Connery but blotted that out. I already know Sean is the one and only Bond. However, Daniel Craig was still pretty excellent.

j. leo said...

So I had a dream the other night that Nicole and I were watching TV, and there was a college football game on between two Southern schools, and she kept bugging me to switch it, but I kept watching because there was a guy on the sidelines in a trenchcoat that looked a lot like Steven Malkmus. And I was thinking, "Why is Steven Malkmus on sidelines of a football game in the south?" And I couldn't tell if it was him, but then they kep playing snippets from Pig Lib whenever they woudl cut to commercial. SO I was like, 'I have to call Tsikitas!" And I did, but you weren't impressed. "Fuck colelege football." You said. " Malkmus sold out."

That's it. Feel free to interpret it.

NICKEL said...

(gasp) That was definitely a dream, because I would NEVER tell you to switch channels from a football game.

And good post, Paul, Casino Royale was definitely great (even though JLeo didn't think so).