Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wiggle your big toe

I made my African Night Flight today. Well, it was more like Noon flight, but still. I left the house for the first time in several weeks. I realized a few things, however.

1. Atrophy can happen to you. Walking sucked. It felt like the string in my leg was broken (let's see who can get this refrence first.) It's really to be expected that this would happen since several weeks of no activity besides watching movies and writing boring blogs on the computer and reading will not stimulate the leg muscles. It is really hard to walk around. And I don't like that since I am feeling better today (although at this later hour, as usual, my throat hurts more than during the day.)

2. Driving was an adventure. I haven't been behind the wheel in a month, so I forgot how the car took the gas from the car I was driving. It felt sluggish like every part of my being. I was actually scared I would crash the car at first, but after a minute I was fine. But I was actually freaked at how that long without driving effected my skills behind the wheel.

3. Fatigue is finally setting in. Although I haven't slept in the while, I finally feel the need that sleep will soon take over the essence of my being. It will be sucky because I will be freed from this metaphysical jail, but at the same time be stuck to going to bed massively early and not wanting to wake up.

4. I have way too much work to catch up on. It seems like I've had a four week vacation, but this damn illness makes it extremely hard to concentrate on anything. So that sucks.

5. It was good to be out of the house and with great friends. Thanks to Danno, Dr. Carey, Simon, Stev, Kevner, Norlax, Lindsey and Jeanne for making today a raucous good time of Apples to Apples (I still think the Philosophy of Winning the Lottery was the best there) and 10 dollar tourney (so far I'm on my third tourney win in a row, so my downfall will be soon... but money enough to pay my Built to Spill ticket AND reclaim my spending for the day was nice.) Seriously, you guys don't know how good it was to be out and with you. Seriously, thanks.

6. I miss the Collegian and School and Internship and Life. After my doctors visit, we will see if my long awaited return is finally a welcoming one. Although, I have a lot of shite for Monday that I am not ready for. (Esp. Bro G. midterm... I'm going to beg for a few days time for that one.) Here's to coming back, but also getting my work done. Tomorrow I will write my Droppliger paper and read as much of Straight Man as I can.

So thanks to everyone who made my African Night Flight possible. It was a worthy time.

P.S.- Smarch Madness is more or less over for me. Illinois is out. Tennessee is out. Luckily my Oakland Bracket is pristine (minus my fuck up with having Bradley on paper, but not on [Can I explain to you the difference... between digital and analog bracketology?]) So here's to not winning like I predicted. It's still early, but I sincerely doubt my commitment to Sparkle Madness.

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