Thursday, March 16, 2006

Smarch Madness, Baby!

I used to actually watch TV a lot. I even liked sports so much that I had teams! Football was Michigan, Hoops was Syracuse (Orange Men?) and I loved watching bits and peices of NCAA March Madness (agreeing with Lazor that it's the best sporting on intense!)

Anyway, I rehashed my love for it and have done a bracket this year. It started already and I picked 4 right and 3 wrong thus far (suck) but luckily my teams that I have going semi-far and some of my good upsets have won. So here are my Elite 8, Final 4, Champ game and the winner.

Elite 8:
Duke vs. Texas
Pitt vs. UCLA
Illinois vs. Tennessee
Florida vs. Boston College

Luckily today in a super exciting game, Boston College eeked out a win in double overtime. I believe Florida won close too. Tennessee wooped I believe. Regardless, I have them right in this first round.

Final 4:
Duke vs. UCLA
Illinois vs. Florida

Duke vs Illinois

Orignally on paper, I had UCLA, but on the online dealy, I friggin put Duke, so I am stuck with my enemy there, but thats not such a bad thing since they have a damn good team... that said...

I'm channeling my inner Sufjan Stevens, John Wayne Gacy (Jr.) and such for this one. I doubt it, but they got robbed last year. They had a damn good team. Now it seems unlikely, but who knows. Fuck Duke.

Anyway, the games today were really intense. Esp. Boston and Pacific. I just watched Alabama vs. Marqutte game which was an upset choice by me. It was uber close until the last 15 seconds or so when Bama rocked it out to move on.

I don't plan on winning this pool, but it's damn fun to watch. I've spent 10 bucks well. And hey, we have more than 15 people playing, so if they do placements, I'll shoot for Bronze if I end up doing better than I am right now. Luckily the ones I chose wrong were upsets I didn't do and the ones who beat them don't really move on past the next round on my brackets. So there!

PS- After I finish my homework of writing a craptastic Brother Gerry paper, I will be finishing Naked Lunch which I watched half of today. Gotta love that insane Cronenberg. Genius!

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j. leo said...

I would have said don't feel the Illinoise, but you have a valauble lesson in how things go when your major team goes out really early. Happens to all of us.