Sunday, July 29, 2007

Things That Rule

Charlotte Gainsborug's 5:55- A delightful album of arrangements by Air, lyrics by Jarvis Cocker and the vocal efforts of Charlotte Gainsbourg (The Science of Sleep.) The song "Tel que tu es" sounds like a song from Final Fantasy games as does the one piano bridge of "Little Monsters", "Everything I Cannot See" has one of the most gorgeous piano lines and "AF607105" is a delightful tune with goofy lyrics and the most Air sounding track on the disc. A full review to come on although this album was released in April.

Weeds: Season 2- Holy shit was this the goods. Martin Donovan is delightfully creepy, Mary Louise Parker may be a horrible mother, but you can't but feel for her, the list could go on and on. The show ends in a ridic cliffhanger, but thank GOD season 3 starts in two weeks! So Good!

Guitar Hero: Rock's the 80's- Mainly for Limozeen, Extreme, Dio and Ratt. But overall, a good halfway point to what will rule in Guitar Hero 3.

The band Romeo Void- So much 80's New Wave with jaunty guitars and sexy Sax. "Never Say Never" is an addictingly catchy song, but the rest of their stuff is just as awesome.

And that's all the stuff I am obsessing over right now.

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j. leo said...

You know, as much as we can argue about who should be on each GH setlist, they've managed to bring light to bands like The Sword and will have Priestess on their next game (right?).

The fact that they're including "bands" like Deathklok (which had to be in agreement before the show even came on), and now Limozeen (most known for their association with the Homestar Runner site) is pretty sweet, I have to admit.

Interested to hear Gainsbourg's music becuase she owned in Science of Sleep. If Gondry likes her that much, well, maybe I should too.