Friday, July 06, 2007

The Hour Grows Late

It is coming. More like she is coming. Yes indeed, this weekend marks the date that the lovely, glorious and most wonderful woman I have ever met, Tara Fleck, moves in four blocks away. I'm not sure the city of Philadelphia is prepared for the amounts of Carnage that will ensue due to her coming. This will mark the first time in my life that I have readily available amounts of Fleck right down the street. This could be the most revolutionary thing to happen to my life since, well, since the Sexional.

It's tough living alone yet thanks to the good will of the luck of the draw, moving to West Philly has given me readily available awesomeness possible. Elise Lavender, George Giles and now Tara Fleck, The Real Deal and Judi Bad News right here. Walking distance. Once I get a bike, then the Drew's will be reinjected into my face and once Season 2 of Weeds is out on DVD, I will make it my bizznizz to make it to Lazor's for Season 3 action at his pad with the lovely Michelle.

It's a great city, Philadelphia. My first few months as a resident have been pretty good. But now that more people are around, and people that I love and trust, it's mutha fuckin' on.

In other news, I haunched on Resident Evil 4 for Wii and MY GOD if it isn't ever so fun to slay Zombie European Freaks on the Wii. It really is a revolutionary gaming console and should have been named "The Revolution" like it originally was going to be. Regardless, I can't wait for Kart, Smash and the other Mario game. Also, my reservations are in for both GH Rocks the 80's and GH3 all for PS2 though. The Kramer guitar will be mine!

Tonight I will see Live Free or Die Hard.
This is the goods.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read that you are delighted with life.

have I mentioned that I miss you... and that you owe us dinner.

PS: do you not consider me another source?

Sara said...

Kart is coming out for Wii?
Bring it on.

Ealer said...

RE4 only gets better, my man.

And check out this link for daily updates on Smash Brawl..


Werd said...

Ya man! I'm in Denver for one more day, but then it's so fucking on.