Sunday, July 15, 2007

I Feel Like Going Home

Today is going to be long, slow, boring and sucky.

Last night, however, was fucking awesome. After a shitty, hectic day at the Towers filled with stupid mistakes that were my fault and a few tours that seemed mostly lukewarm in leasing possibilities, I rocked some sweet bar action with some of my favorite people. Sarah Deal and Joe Papa Giorgio were celebrating another year of being alive at the Bayou and Sapphire in the good old Yunk. I'm feeling the effects of rahter inexpensive Tanqueray and Tonics this morning. Regardless, hanging out with the Deal, Tara, Val and a sweet surprise visit from Ray, Kel and Flanny was te perfect cap to make what seemed to look like a crappy Saturday actually a lot of fun.

Things that make me happy as of late:
The Deftones cover of John Lennon's "Jealous Guy"
Radiohead on shuffle
Friends who live nearby
Dinosaur Jr.'s new album Beyond
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon
Drum Machines
David Bowie's cover of the Pixies "Cactus"

Things that make me not so happy:
Sleepless nights


Sara said...

I'm not going to do stick by myselfff. With my aunt. But I'm not looking for a friend to do it with, SHEESH. Throw me a bone here.

Werd said...

Dude, we'll totally watch some football this fall. But before then, we have to hang out, too. What're you up to this weekend?

Paul Tsikitas said...

This weekend is pretty crazed altho Sunday I can probably do something post work. Yeah, I work all stupid weekend and such. I think I have something Saturday night, but I don't remember really. I'll figure it out.