Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Liev Schrieber Rules!

First off, see The Ten. Not for nuthin, but one of the finer film moments of the year. I won't go into detials but all I'm gonna say is that 'Thou Shalt Not Covet They Neighbors Wife' and 'Thou Shalt Not Cover Thy Neighbors Goods' are far and away the stand-out moments of the movie. The rest are good, but the conceptual genius behind these two are genius. Great comedy. Liev Schrieber and Justin Theroux add an excellent spice to the already seasoned vets of The State and Wet Hot American Summer that are already as always on top of their A-Game.

Second, I started Catch-22 and am definitely ready for the goods it will bring me. Forcing myself to read at the very least one chapter a day to et me back in the swing of things.

Next, I'm looking into the idea of rocking Philly Car Share for several reasons. My car is falling apart. It may be cheaper than a car payment, it's Eco-friendly, and who knows what else it might offer me (I put my resume in there so maybe I can work there... it's seriously around the block from me.)
Finally, I found a good bar in West Kiladelph. And there is another rumored awesome Saucery nearby. BRING-IT-ON!

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