Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Period of Transition

Mixing it up again. I feel retarded that I even have this blog still. I never sometimes right stuff that has some purpose. The end might be near for this little outlet. Mainly because without a computer, it's hard for me to update. And because I don't have anything of interest to write. The only thing I can think of that I want to share is my Onion Headline I just thought of:
Bush's Colonoscopy Determines President is 'Still an Asshole'

I will probably keep this bad boy, but it won't be very often that I will post anything. Maybe just the usual bitch and moan no one will read.


Lucien said...

Well, your predictions were wrong. Here's someone who read your "bitch and moan". Someone who doesn't even know who you are, who randomly found your little outlet (when searching for something waaay different). And guess what, I kinda liked it.


Anonymous said...

hey, I'm a subscriber.

Werd said...

Let's do it man. I keep trying to call you but it goes right to voice mail. I think I might have the wrong number for you. Give me a holler, I'll be around.

j. leo said...