Saturday, September 05, 2009

Rock of Ages: Queens of the Stoneage - "No One Knows" (2002)

There is no doubt in my mind that Josh Homme is the King Midas of rock and roll today. Everything he touches turns to gold. His own career with Queens of the Stoneage to tracks he's collaborated on with bands like Unkle or Mastodon have all come out to be monolithic brilliant rockers. Their 2002 record Songs for the Deaf is a masterwork of the 00's. It is pure, unadulterated rock brilliance from start to finish. The album's motif of someone flipping through the channels of a radio ties together the great rock tracks, but even without that gimmick, you bet the songs themselves stand up. Thanks to Dave Grohl on the skins, this album gets an added bonus of having one of the greatest drummers of our generation unleashing years as front man for Foo Fighters out on that set (no offense, Foos, but Grohl belongs behind the set.) "No One Knows" is the kind of track that pummels with it's heady riffs, it's jumpy and totally groove filled bass work and it's ultimate and desperate pounding on the drums. It's main riff will bore a hole through your head into your brain and make up shop inside until it pummels the listener into submission.

"No One Knows" has one of the best breakdowns in rock history as well. As the chorus melds into a fast paced guitar solo, frenzied drums and ever funkier and faster bass explode into a frenzy of sound that pops then quickly drops back into the main riff. It's riveting every single time. Josh Homme's croon over this song is the only angelic thing amidst devilsh rhythms and sounds. Although Queens of the Stoneage lost Nick Oliveiri, one of the best bass players around, they still churn out great rocking. Homme is also teaming up with Grohl and John Paul Johns under the moniker Them Crooked Vultures. Although the King Midas of rock has seen a lot of tummult with his own band, he still has "No One Knows" to show that he still has that throne.

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