Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rock of Ages: Electric Six - "Dance Epidemic" (2005)

From the first time I heard of the band, I knew that I had a long relationship ahead of me with the Electric Six. It has been a great relationship. In all fairness, E6 should probably be my favorite band of all time. In due time and with a new release again this year, their forthcoming record Kill is due out Oct. 20th, they might just take that throne. Nevertheless, 2005 revealed the release of their most solid album to date in Senor Smoke. The album is a party pleaser and has plenty of everything abotu Electric Six that I love, catchy hooks, cooky jokes and tongue in cheek satire. They aren't a joke band as much as a satire on joke bands? It's really hard to explain. All I know is they are consistently good and show many indie scene bands that you can have fun both on record and live and still create good music. My best example of what Electric Six does better than any other dance punk/nu-wave/disco punk band of the new era is simply stated in their charming and incredibely catchy track "Dance Epidemic." The opening lyrics give you a jist of where this band is going:

Your body goes to waste
Every minute you don't give it to me
I'm dyin' for your sins on the dance floor
Can't you see?"

Anyone who can't see the thrill and fun in that is a robot or a hipster robot. "Dance Epidemic" has easily the catchiest bass riff I've heard. The synths embellish the track less than take it over like so many dancey synth pop bands have done. The guitars soar with their power chords and the rhythm section is what keeps the track going. The bravado of Dick Valentine as front man is beyond great and is unique in it's strangeness. He's not quite Mick Jagger or Roger Daltrey, but he doesn't need to be. He's on the level with the likes of David Byrne and Gordon Downie of the Tragically Hip. It's a magical tune that gets you up off your booty and out on the dance floor. Electric Six has this power of doing so that is uncanny. I've never enjoyed a band live as much as E6.

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